2 Summer Blog Series You Don't Want to Miss

- Insights from Ed Miller

Blogging is not something that comes very naturally to me. Writing in general is hard work. I did a lot of it in college, but it was never my favorite thing. Lol!! So, I have to think about it
a bit differently. At heart, I'm a coach. That's how I function best in the world. So, I have to think about blogging and writing more in terms of coaching. I try to think about more than just communicating content. I want to connect with you and come alongside you as you develop skills and character for life. I think that's why I enjoy Parent Coaching so much. I am able to coach people toward life change. 

Another part of coaching is giving others the tools and resources they need to succeed. I've had many conversations with my baseball players about their bats and gloves, but also about their attitudes and character. It's all part of coaching and coming alongside someone. 

So in this article I want to connect with you about a couple of Blog Series that are coming up this Summer that help and encourage you as you work with your children. I'll be contributing one article in each of these series. 

Raising Godly Boys Series

Are you raising boys? Lots of energy right? My experience is in this whole realm of boys. I grew up with one brother. (He passed away last year, but that's another story.) My parents generally approached us with a lot of yelling and anger. And sometimes just subtle guilt manipulation. I decided that I was not going to do that with my children. Of course, deciding not to do it is easier than NOT actually doing it. I had to deal with my own anger issues in order to be the kind of father I knew God wanted me to be. (And, the kind of father I really wanted to be.)

The Lord blessed Joanne and me with two wonderful sons. I'm so grateful for these guys. They are 2 of my best friends. They're both grown and living on their own now and I'm very proud of them. We talk about life, family and faith issues and we play golf and tennis together. Our whole family also shares a common love of baseball. When these guys were
younger, it became apparent to me that I had an anger problem just like my father. I'm so glad that I heeded the advice of a good friend and mentor and got help. He convinced me that this is not a legacy that I wanted to continue passing on to the generations to come. Anger tears relationships apart and that's not what I wanted. I learned that my example was more important than rules and lectures.

I'll be sharing more about my story in an article that will post in early June. I'll also share why Raising Godly Boys must involve Godly mentors in their lives. 

Learn More Now

 Parenting Adult Children

Are you experiencing tension in a relationship with your adult child? Are you at a loss to know how to connect with them? You're not alone!! Our children will be our children always, but the relationship changes. We can't just tell them what to do at this point in their life. They probably wouldn't listen anyway. As children grow, they go through developmental stages, and as they do, parents need to change the way they relate to them. This is one of those times to consider a parenting shift.

Joanne and I raised 2 wonderful boys who are now grown men. One is married with kids and the other is single. We are so grateful that we were able to learn about these necessary shifts when our children are still young. Living it out is sometimes even challenging when you know you need to make a shift. We really had to work this out once our son Dave married Amanda and they had children. We really had to know our place. This can can be very difficult. If you have children in this life stage, you know what I mean. We each have a story to tell. some are happier than others. 

I'm still learning on this journey and I'd like to encourage you to join me over at the Parenting Adult Children Series on Musings of Mum. There will be a new article every week every week including one from yours truly coming in August. I'll share more of my story with you then. 


Facebook LIVE on Fridays

I'll be LIVE on Facebook every Friday through the summer. The time will change from week to week. I'll be answering your questions on family and parenting. We want to assist you on this amazing and challenging journey. Bring your questions on any subject. On Friday June 1, I'll be talking about Raising Godly Boys as part of the Blog Series on Intentional in Life. You can watch any of the past Facebook LIVE videos as well. 

I'll be giving away FREE resources and answering your questions. Who doesn't like free stuff? You can get a FREE resource by joining me LIVE on Facebook every Wed. and Friday at 2:00 pm EST. I'll be answering your parenting questions. Please join me. 

FREE Consultation for Any Parent!

You can request a free consultation at any time. Request a Free Consultation Now! Are you facing a particular problem with one of your children? Or maybe you have multiple problems. One of us would be happy to talk with you. We'll try to point you in the right direction and give you hope. You can also call us at 609-771-8002 or email us at parent@biblicalparenting.org. 


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