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The National Center for Biblical Parenting is excited to partner with FamilyLife and their powerful new film Like Arrows.  

After being able to see an early screening of the movie, we
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knew we wanted to share its message of intentional parenting with all of you!

Like Arrows shares the 50-year story of Charlie, Alice, and their four children - the frustrations, the fears, and the joys of the journey that is parenting.  While struggling with the choices made by their oldest son, Charlie and Alice are forced to rethink their parenting strategy as they begin to be overwhelmed by issues of conflict, rebellion, bitterness, and resentment.

Realizing they still have the power to impact the lives of their three children who remain at home, Charlie and Alice begin to intentionally invest in their family by using biblical principles. This is a film about the challenges of parenting, the power of family, and the beauty of building a legacy that will impact generations to follow.

The film is, well, real. It doesn’t paint parenting as a glamorous job. It’s a journey. It’s a challenge. Kids fight. Diapers need to be changed. Parents are exhausted. Kids grow up and have new and different issues and needs...and there are no perfect answers to these struggles that all families face.

But in Like Arrows, the focus on being intentional about keeping Christ as the center of your family is the overarching message. We don’t have to attempt parenting alone. With our

communities, our churches, the guidance of scripture and a whole lot of prayer, we can raise up a generation of children who love God, love people and who leave a legacy far beyond what we could imagine.

One scene continued to resonate with Joanne and me long after we viewed the film. Isn’t that the beauty of film? 2 or 3 minutes can stay with you for the rest of your life?

In the scene, Charlie apologizes to Kate, his teenage daughter.  

How often do you see a father apologize to his daughter in a film? We would say not nearly enough.  

Kate has snuck out of the house to go on a covert date with an older boy that they have never met.  Charlie discovers the relationship when he hears a noise outside, and witnesses Kate being pushed out of a car.

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Wow. Powerful stuff, right?  This leads to the question:

How often are we willing to apologize to our kids?

As the movie poster says, parenting is a journey, and there is no one formula, no playbook that gives us the answers to all of our family’s struggles.  We are humans. We will make mistakes. There is only one perfect Father, and it’s not us!

But isn’t that what’s incredible about the gospel? There is healing in redemption!  We need grace from God in all aspects of our lives, including parenting.

But are we willing to ask for grace from our children?  

Modeling for our children how to be repentant, both to God and to our family, can have powerful implications. Even young children can understand that we need to be able to own our mistakes. They can see healing firsthand when we confess that we have wronged someone. They can learn both how forgive and how to make amends.  The simple gesture of asking for forgiveness can spark vulnerability and conversations that would have been blocked by feelings of hurt or a lack of trust.

And perhaps the most important lesson is learning that asking for forgiveness isn’t a sign of weakness at all, but a powerful show of courage and conviction. This is a life-lesson that can not only change your family dynamic, but can drastically affect your children’s future relationships: in education, in business, and in their future families.

Have you ever asked your children for forgiveness?

This short scene beautifully demonstrates the power of “I’m sorry”.  These simple (but hard to say!) words break down the barriers between father and daughter, and open up channels of communication.

Films such as Like Arrows challenge us to be better parents, and we hope you’ll take time out of your schedule on May 1 or 3 to check out the movie. Bring some friends and get inspired to commit to help each other navigate the challenges of parenting. You’ll be glad you did!

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