Zachariah's Story

Young people are struggling today. The challenges they face in the world are both varied and daunting.

One mother just gave me this sad report. 

"I work for the school district and we have a serious problem. We have so many, so VERY many self harmers and at least 3 suicidal ideations on a WEEKLY basis. We have drugs in the high using xanax and seems to be getting worse. It's extremely disheartening to see teens having to maneuver growing up in this day and age, they have so many things thrown at them."

I'd like to tell you about one young man who’s right in the midst of this struggle. His name is Zachariah. I met Zach and his family at a Family Camp where I was the speaker. We hit it off right away because of our common love for baseball. We had a connection, so I went to watch him play Little League over the summer. As I talked with Zach’s mom, it became apparent that they were facing some serious challenges with this young man. I found out that mom and son were ready to go to war!

You see, mom came from a family where discipline was harsh and intense. Zach (who was separated from his birth mom at an early age) resists this approach and pushes right back hard with defiance and disrespect. Years of this pattern have resulted in anger and hurt. Mom asked if I could help. She knew that I was working with other families as a Biblical Parenting Coach. I agreed and we dove right into the new Thrive process that we’ve developed. 

The Thrive methodology focuses on character development and heart transformation and not behavior modification. Young people will “Thrive” as their hearts are transformed and they develop the character to deal with the challenges of life.

Not long ago, I was sitting next to Zach when he asked Mom to get him something to drink. Just a couple of weeks prior, this would have not gone well. On this occasion, she paused and asked what he wanted. He said, "Could I have some apple juice please?" I almost fell off my chair! She smiled and he smiled and a loving and tender moment passed between them.

This peaceful and positive interaction was powerful given their patterns of negativity and hurtful words.

This is what Zach’s mom has to say about this Thrive process:

"Thank you for mentoring me and Zach over the past few months. I am staying more calm while also being firm in following through when I give instruction or have to correct Zach’s responses. Zach is learning that “no” is not an appropriate answer to a request. He is not a fan of the "Break" so he is trying harder. We've had our ups and downs, but the work is worth it. We are raising a young man who is respectful and acting more appropriately with us and others. I do need to improve my vision casting about the character he will need now and for the rest of his life.”

Get a glimpse into the new Thrive Methodology by watching this FREE video of a Thrive LIVE Session. You'll watch a couple of demonstrations of how to work with a child to develop a character plan. This is the only place you can see this. 

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