Legacy Coalition: Grandparenting Matters

My name is Ed Miller.
Have you ever been a part of something that you thought was going to be really historic? That's the way I feel right now. God is on the move and I'm just holding on for the ride! Actually there are a number of great things happening. I want to tell you about one of these in this article. 

God is moving among grandparents and senior adults. If you're not in this group, you may know or be related to someone who is. Would you share the link for this article with them? They're going to want to know about this new movement called the Legacy Coalition: Grandparenting Matters. 

This ministry is just exploding right now and grandparents are getting on board to be intentional in ministry to the next generation. It's this idea of being intentional and not just "retiring" that is generating such excitement. You see, we were never meant to "retire." This concept and the way it's understood today is foreign to the Bible. We were never meant to stop working and just kick up our feet and relax. We have all been created for a purpose. The nature of our specific calling may change in different seasons of our life, but there's still a calling to be fully devoted and active followers of Jesus Christ. 

The Second Annual Legacy Coalition Summit will be held in November in Rockwall, TX. I'd like to challenge you to consider attending or invite a grandparent you know to attend. I was at the first one last year and I'll be there again in November. Please join me!

Kara Powell, Exec. Director of the Fuller Youth Institute
Kara Powell tells the story of a growing church in Pennsylvania that has a vibrant ministry to young people and young adults. As they interviewed people, they kept hearing about this man “Bill.” Everyone was talking about “Bill.” They assumed that Bill must be this hip youth leader. In fact, Bill is a 72 year old man who has recruited a team of his peers to mentor young people. They love these folks and spend time with them in their world. Grandparents are often well positioned in the lives of their grandchildren and other young people to support the work of parents. Young people need mentors in addition to their parents to love and guide them. families to offer help and hope to the parents. I’m heavily invested with one particular family at my church. I've coached the parents and now I'm spending a lot of time mentoring their teens. It's an awesome opportunity.

For parents of teens who are reading this article, start to think about mentors for your children. If you’re a leader in your church, start to think about your older members and grandparents who may be excited to serve as the “Bills” in your church. These folks are generally under-utilized in the church, but they have much time, energy and resources to give. I'll be leading a workshop at the Summit called, The Grandparent Coach. I'll share more ideas about how older adults can coach and mentor young people. 

We have a very special discount to offer you as a friend of the National Center for Biblical Parenting. It’s the same as the Summit Group Discount, but you can come as part of our “group.” When you register, just use the discount code NCBP17 and that will reduce the price to $25.00 Register Now!


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