Parent the Heart - Part 5

Coach Your Child to Success

Ed Miller, Biblical Parenting Coach
This is the fifth article in the series on heart-based parenting. These articles are part of what we're calling "Heart Week." It's actually more than a week. This article stands alone, but you may want to start back with Part 1 or work through the whole series at some point. In this article I'm going to talk about the art of coaching. If you were to be forced to describe me with one word, that word would be COACH. I've talked about this in a number of other articles, so let me take a bit of a different approach now. 

Before I go there, let me just share a brief personal note. You've likely heard that my only brother, Bruce, was found dead in his apartment on Monday afternoon. He had a heart attack and fell and broke his neck. He likely died sometime on Sunday. This was unexpected and like a kick in the gut for me. Bruce lived in the back apartment of a house he owns and his adopted step-son Mike lived with his family in the rest of the house. Mike and Ashley have 4 children, 10, 7, 5, and 1. They were very close to their Paw Paw and they're really hurting. They don't know the Lord, but I'll be spending all of Friday with them in Ephrata, PA talking, listening, going to the funeral home and making plans. Through all of that I plan to offer love, care and the hope of the Gospel. Would you please pray for us? I'm grateful. 

I'm going to include my planned article. I think you'll find it very helpful. 

Most of my time now is spent coaching parents, mentoring young people, and coaching sports. I've always coached sports and I use those illustrations a lot, so let's try something different. Most of my life I worked as a missionary to college students with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. (IV) This was an awesome privilege. We did a lot of evangelism, discipleship and leadership training and IV model for training had a strong "apprenticeship" program. I actually love that word because it's so full of meaning. Let me share a few thoughts about "apprenticeship" as it relates to coaching and training and then I'll apply it to parenting. 

Apprenticeship is the most common form of training in the trades. You don't become a carpenter, for example, without first being an apprentice under a master carpenter. You spend years being coached and trained by someone who has experience and wisdom in the field. They teach, instruct, correct, encourage and model good techniques and practices.  In InterVarsity, we accomplished much of our ministry through small groups. That means we need to train a lot of small group leaders. We created a lot of programs to train these leaders, but apprenticeship was always a key part of the training. At most IV Chapters, small group leaders would identify a young disciple who had leadership potential. They would Teach, Demonstrate, Observe, Evaluate and Encourage (TDOEE) then throughout a semester. In order to be qualified as a small group leader, the apprentice would then go to a week of Small Group Leaders Training at Basileia. (Chapter Camp for IV in the NY/NJ Region.) 

These potential leaders would spend a lot of time in God's Word studying the Biblical role of a leader. They'd learn about group dynamics as well as strategies for group outreach, nurture and worship. One of the key skills was learning to lead an effective Bible Study. IV is big on Inductive Bible Study so there was a lot of training on how to lead this particular type of Bible Study. Much time at this program was spent in a small group led by an experienced leader. Each student would lead an Inductive Bible study during the week. The leader would coach them through preparation, execution and then debrief with them after their leadership was finished. This is apprenticeship at work. As the leader's abilities grow, they are encouraged to step out and lead. They're equipped and empowered. 

Now let's apply this to parenting. I wish more parents worked with their children with an apprenticeship mindset rather than that of a drill instructor. Our goal with our children is for them to become fully devoted and faithful followers of Christ. This is our primary mission as parents. The primary responsibility falls on the parents to coach and train up the children in the way that they should go. The church provides some support, but it's our job as parents to serve as master life coaches for our kids. This requires a lot of time, energy, patience and wisdom. When we're training them to follow instructions, we're really seeking to shape their character so that they will be responsive to authorities throughout their life. We want them primarily to be responsive to God and to His Word. 

Are you up for the challenge?

We have a couple of different ways that we can assist you in this challenging endeavor. 

If you really want to learn how to do this well, you'll want to get your hands on the Parenting Is Heart Work Training Manual. It's a workbook that will guide you through introducing the Instruction Routine and other routines to train the heart of your child. It includes a 45-minute downloadable audio segment with each chapter to help you understand how to put the principles into practice. 

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The other thing we can do is provide you with more training on how to be an effective coach. We have a new Online Parenting Support Group starting on June 19 and we'd love to work with you for 8 weeks this summer. This is the least expensive way to get Biblical Parenting Coaching. You'll get some great training via our Content Portal; support and input from Ed Miller and assignments to complete. You'll also get personalized input on the plan you're working on with your child. This is the best "coaching training" available to parents.  Click Here to learn more. You can also call our office at any time if you have questions. 609-771-8002. Use the following code, BPCEM, in the final stage of the checkout process. That will take $50.00 off the price making your final cost just $199.00


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  1. I love the heart based approach that you guys teach. I was in love and so excited from the moment I heard my first lesson.

    1. Awesome. We love to hear how God is working. Keep on training the heart!! Join me on Facebook LIVE any Wed. or Friday at 2:00 pm EST and ask a parenting question. We'll also have a FREE resource everytime.