Parent the Heart - Part 1

Get Your Focus Right

Ed Miller, Biblical Parenting Coach
This will be the first in a series of posts in May about heart-based parenting. This is at the very core of our ministry so we come back to it again and again. If you learn nothing more from us at the National Center for Biblical Parenting, we hope you learn about the importance of training the heart of your child. 

It's actually quite a challenge to get parents to read a book or attend an event where the focus is on parenting. Some parents are afraid that they'll be shamed at an event or just feel worse after reading a book because their shortcomings will be laid bare. Others are surviving from day to day in their busy life, so it's easier to just press on and not stop to examine their approach. Of course, there are more and more parents who are reaching the breaking point and just calling out to us for HELP! Where do you fit in this picture?

We want you to move beyond surviving to thriving in your parenting. This is a good reason to take time to examine your approach. Socrates is known to have said "The unexamined life is not worthy to be lived!" That's a very strong statement, but critical for us to hear in this fast-paced world of the 21st Century. The Bible encourages us to take a weekly sabbath and jubilee years. There's a tradition of the sabbatical in education and ministry. So shouldn't parents who are arguably doing the most important job in the world, take periods of time for reflection and examination? 

So let me encourage you to start with a time of reflection and examination on the FOCUS of the work you do with your children. The most common focus today in education, psychology and parenting is BEHAVIOR. In an effort to help people overcome destructive and addictive behaviors, Pavlov discovered some effective techniques that could be used to modify behavior. He was able to make dogs salivate on cue even when there was no food present. These techniques are effective in changing behavior. When used as the primary means of training with children, this approach also has some unintended negative effects.  

Behavior modification works because it uses the selfishness in a person's heart. It teaches a child to ask the wrong questions about life. They ask, "What's in this for me?" It actually magnifies the selfishness in a child's heart. A child may make a change in their actions in order to avoid a punishment or gain a reward, but they may not change their heart. And we need to continue to up the ante in order for a child to comply with our instructions. Most importantly, they may not learn to ask the more necessary question, "Is this the right thing to do?" 

Where is your focus? 


If you want to develop an internal motivation to do what's right in your children, then you'll work on training the heart. If you want to shape their character that lasts for a lifetime, focus on the heart. We have a FREE eBook for you that explains more about how to develop a plan to train the heart of any child. Download it today.

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