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Grow Your Emotional Connection with Teens

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I looked at the weather forecast for Thursday and it called for mostly rain all day. “Not again,” I thought. Thursday was to be my second planned adventure “through and under Trenton” on the Assunpink Creek in a canoe. This trip was to be with another young man I’m mentoring that we’ll call “John.” You may remember that the trip the week before with “Joe” was derailed because of a migraine headache. I decided to plan ahead and give John some alternate choices to consider for day we were planning to spend together. Once again, disappointment was the order of the day.

It wasn’t long until things started to brighten up on this day of adventure. I don’t think John even started to think about the alternate choices I gave him. The forecast began to look more and more positive for a good afternoon of canoeing. Rain in the morning, but clearing and warming up by late morning. We started to get our hopes up.

Sure enough the forecast held and I picked John up in the morning for a day of adventure and fun. We started off with a hearty breakfast at the local IHOP. We both love breakfast so that was a natural way to start off the day. Next we did a little scouting and I talked with John a bit about how to canoe rapids. He’s done a good bit of canoeing before, but mostly just on calm water. We were going to hit some light rapids with a pretty strong current. Hitting the “open v” is important in order to get through the rapids successfully. Getting stuck sideways on a rock is not a great idea. We also expected to hit blocked areas where fallen trees and branches would impede out path. So, the person in the back of the canoe does most of the steering and has a very important job. This person is really the captain of the vessel.

I’ve been very impressed with the signs of leadership I’ve been seeing recently in John. On our Youth Retreat in March, I gave him some leadership assignments and he followed through quite successfully. This would be a greater challenge, but I knew he was ready. I gave John some additional instructions about how to paddle and steer and he practiced on the easier sections of the creek. His skill increased throughout the day. We hit some pretty fast water toward the end of the trip just before entering the long, dark tunnel. We hit 2 or 3 of them just right and enjoyed the thrill of cruising through the “open v” as the canoe cut through the water. It’s one of the most enjoyable and satisfying parts of a canoe trip. I know the “captain” felt a lot of pride in our success.

This final story doesn’t have much to do with the lesson of this blog post, but it’s just fun. When I proposed this option to both Joe and John, I billed it as a canoe trip “through and under Trenton.” That really got their attention. They couldn’t quite imagine what I meant, but they thought it sounded really cool. (I’ve done this trip before, but never in the Spring.) The Assunpink Creek is very historic as George Washington fought a couple of battles in this part of Trenton. Once they built new highways and streets in the city, they had to create some long canals and tunnels to allow the creek to run to the Delaware River. One of the tunnels is around a half mile in length and runs under Route 1 and some of the city streets and buildings. I’ve included a picture of this tunnel just so you can see what I’m talking about. You can’t see the end of the tunnel when you enter and it’s completely dark. We had a flashlight this time. It’s really amazing that there is no graffiti of any kind in the tunnel. I don’t think anyone ever goes in these tunnels except a few crazy adventurers!

I hope this is an encouragement for those of you who are parenting teens. Our young people need our wisdom, experience and guidance. They also need to know that we believe in them. One of the best ways we can do that is to encourage them to use their gifts and talents and to coach them as they learn and grow.  You’ll find this most rewarding as well. Spending time together on crazy adventures like this is also a great way to build strong bonds of emotional
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connectedness between a parent and child. This is so important at any age, but especially during the teen years.

I’d love to hear stories of how you’ve done something similar with your son or daughter.

Share a story with us about how you're building emotional connections with your child.

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