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My Top Parenting Tip - Work with a Parent Coach in 2017! 
Hi! I'm Ed Miller and I'm a Parent Coach.
We use coaches in sports, fitness, and education. There are "Life Coaches," "Wellness Coaches," "Business Coaches" and "Career Coaches" so why don’t we seek out “Parent Coaches?” It's not like we start out our journey in parenting as experts. We can attend seminars and read books, but learning how to be effective as a parent isn’t just about learning more information. 

A coach knows how to pass information on to parents in ways that they can understand and work into their lifestyles. They are also skilled at showing parents how to use tools correctly. Each child needs a plan tailored for their unique needs and personality. All of this requires wisdom and experience. 

A coach can also help you build a good foundation with a great strategy. Most people today were raised on a behavior modification strategy, so that’s what they use in working with their children. From the very beginning of our ministry with parents, we have shifted the focus to "training the heart" of a child. We offer a new strategy and vision for how to approach parenting while providing very practical tools that parents can use right away. This approach is our starting point in how we work with parents.  

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This kind of coaching can cost upwards of $100.00 per week or $800.00 for 8 weeks. We have a group of skilled and trained coaches who can do it for much less. 

We have several options to choose from.

1. Work with a personal parent coach. 
2. The “Self-Guided” option allows you to find your own support system. 
3. The Online Biblical Parenting Support Group. This is like a group fitness class at the gym. Our next class begins on September 25, 2017. Read on for more information. 

In our 8-Week Intensive Parent Coaching Program, you'll put in lots of time. In fact, be sure that you have a good 8 week stretch of time where you can commit to working with a coach before you decide to join this group or work with a personal coach. You'll watch a few 10-15 minute videos each week and have the option of doing additional reading. You'll journal about what you're learning in the videos and readings. You'll develop a specific plan for change for just one problem that one of your children is facing. You'll have a meeting with that child each week to explain the change plan; get their input and pray together. 

You'll get all this and access to the Online Community where you'll get insights from other parents and from your coach. (That's me, Ed Miller.) Dr. Scott Turansky will also add helpful insights along the way. You'll be sharing about your progress in your own "room" in our private online community on I'll give you practice assignments each week to enhance your skills as a parent. Through all of this, you'll learn a strategy for developing change in a child that can then be duplicated with other children or other problems.

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This is the least expensive option for working with a coach. The cost is just $249. 

If you have questions, the best way to contact me is via email at or call my cell 609-203-0672. 



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