Giving and Receiving Instructions Well

Giving and Receiving Instructions Well

Day 5: Ultimate Blog Challenge. 

The most common complaint I hear from parents is "My kids won't listen! They don't follow instructions and they won't do what I ask of them.  Can you help us?" These parents talk about getting frustrated and angry and resorting to yelling at
their kids. Here's an example. 

Your son comes home from school and throws their coat on the floor before plopping down to start playing their favorite video game. This happens every day, so you get frustrated quickly. You ask them to hang up their coat, but they can't seem to remember to do it. You keep reminding them, but they either ignore you or give you that "shrug" of the shoulders. And then you get frustrated or angry and start yelling. Does this sound familiar?

Yes, we can help! Everything we do in our work with parents is designed to focus on training the heart of a child and not just changing behavior. In this case, we want to cultivate the heart qualities of cooperation and responsiveness to authority. These are vital character qualities for any successful adult. When parents practice giving instructions, kids learn some very important things. Here are just a few. 

  1. They learn to come when called even if it means putting their own agenda aside.
  2. They learn that receiving instructions is part of their job description in life. Whereas some kids believe their job description is to get to the next level of the video game.
  3. They learn that when given an instruction they have an obligation. That’s an uncomfortable feeling that I NEED to get this done.
  4. They learn to do things they don’t want to do because it’s the right thing to do.
  5. They learn to accomplish a task that meets the authority’s standard, not just doing the minimum to get by.
  6. They learn responsibility by completing a job thoroughly and reporting back.
  7. They learn to do uncomfortable tasks, otherwise known as work, with a good attitude instead of complaining.

It’s interesting that God determined that obedience is to be learned at home and parents are to teach it. Why? Not just to get the clothes cleaned up and the dishes put away. But also to learn life skills the child will use for the rest of life. The way parents give instructions is also important and that’s what I’ll share more about starting Sunday.
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Suggested Action

Look at the list of 7 things kids can learn from receiving instructions well. Write a comment about the one that seems most important to you.


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  1. I can't wait to see how to accomplish this. It's not a huge problem, but I see it becoming one, in our house.

    1. Excellent. I hope it is truly helpful for you Ivy. Let me know if you have any questions.