Parents Need a Coach!

Introducing the Biblical Parenting Coaching Program 

For the past 20 years Dr. Scott Turansky has been developing a strategy that is producing miraculous results in families around the world. In 8 weeks or 40 days, he has seen major changes in families that work hard and follow the strategy. These parents learn to tailor a unique plan to help any child of any age with any problem. Does that sound too good to be true? It works with the help of a trained Biblical Parenting Coach.

We use coaches in sports, fitness, and education. There are "Life Coaches," "Wellness Coaches," "Business Coaches" and "Career Coaches" so why don’t we seek out “Parent Coaches?” It's not like we start out our journey in parenting as experts. We can attend seminars and read books, but learning how to be effective as a parent isn’t just about learning more information. A coach knows how to pass information on to parents in ways that they can understand and work into their lifestyles. They are also skilled at showing parent how to use tools correctly. All of this requires wisdom and experience. 

A coach can also help you build a good foundation with a great strategy. Most people today were raised on a behavior modification strategy, so that’s what they use in working with their children. From the very beginning of our ministry with parents, we have shifted the focus to "training the heart" of a child. We offer a new strategy and vision for how to approach parenting while providing very practical tools that parents can use right away. This approach is our starting point in how we work with parents.  

We're offering a FREE eBook right now to any parent that wants to explore this idea further. The book is called CHANGE: Helping Any Child of Any Age with Any Problem. 

We’d also like to invite you to consider working with a Biblical Parent Coach in 2017. In addition to the heart-based focus, we’ve determined that we can make significant progress with parents in an 8-week stretch of time. Our 8-Week Intensive Parent Coaching Program will produce dramatic change in your family, but not without a lot of work on your part. In fact, you’ll want to find a good 8-week stretch of time where you can commit a significant amount of time each week. You will see miracles happen in your family in 8 weeks. Here are the reason why this works.

  1. You will receive new information, ideas, tools, strategies and techniques that bring a fresh and powerful dynamic to your parenting.
  2. The tools used are rooted in a theology of change presented in the Bible. 
  3. A Biblical Parenting Coach will help you focus on where your child need to go and what life skills need to be developed in order to overcome the current challenges. This works better than simply trying to stop an existing problem.
  4. The parent works for eight weeks with the child. That means a concerted effort to change relating patterns, adjust inappropriate activity and move the child forward. The eight weeks of work is a key ingredient.
  5. The parent engages in practice sessions over and above normal family activity. This increases the opportunity for new patterns to develop
  6. A coach provides insight and accountability that will help the parent refine plans and stay the course.

Through all of this, you'll learn a strategy for developing change in a child that can then be duplicated with other children or other problems.

We have several options.

1. Work with a personal parent coach. 
2. The “Self-Guided” option allows you to find your own support system. 
3. The Online Biblical Parenting Support Group. This is like a group fitness class at the gym. Our next class begins on February 19, 2017. This is the least expensive option this winter.

You may also want to watch two great videos by Dr. Scott Turansky that explain this program in detail. We want to make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting into so that it will be a success in your family.

Watch Videos Now

Email Ed Miller at or call our office at 609-771-8002.


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