Book Review: DIFFERENT by Sally and Nathan Clarkson

Book Review: Different
Ultimate Blog Challenge: Day 24

It didn’t take Sally and Clay Clarkson long to determine that their youngest son Nathan was “different.” He struggled to follow instructions; couldn’t sit quietly for more than a few minutes; he had a hard time sleeping and he was often agitated. In time, he was diagnosed with ADHD, OCD and ODD. These are significant challenges that make it difficult for a person to function.

Nathan was also struggling. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t sleep or focus. It was like his mind was constantly changing channels and not allowing him to stay on task. Sally and Clay were committed to finding ways to help Nathan navigate through these challenges. They didn’t want to just “fix” Nathan, but rather find ways for him to function within his challenges and unique gifts for the glory of God. Nathan wanted the same thing.

Sally tried allowing Nathan to use colored pencils during family reading time. She encouraged Nathan to draw pictures of the characters and their adventures as they read. It really helped. Nathan was able to focus more when his hands were busy and his mind was able to focus on the characters and the story. They also discovered that Nathan was very creative and gifted and he was captivated by the power of story and the hero. This book is a story of a boy struggling with many challenges and the mom who loved him and helped him find the way that God could use this unique and creative person. Sally and Nathan share more of this journey throughout the book.

Nathan has written, directed and starred in a full-length motion picture (Confessions of a Prodigal Son) and is pursuing an acting career in New York City. Sally is a popular author and speaker and has a wonderful way of encouraging moms. She can empathize with moms who are raising kids facing all kinds of challenges. Don’t miss the chance to be encouraged and inspired by reading the DIFFERENT book. I’d put it at the top of your reading list.

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  1. I think this book would have been very helpful when my sister's kids were younger,she has a son who really struggled, and continues to as an adult.