Across the USA.

Across the USA.

Day 7: The Ultimate Blog Challenge. 

Saturday is "Beautiful Places" day for me. I find an image of a beautiful place somewhere in the world and post it on all of our platforms. I'm going to stick with that formula, but I'll give you a little more content than normal. Every Saturday during the Ultimate Blog Challenge, I'll be sharing some photos from one of our family trips to some beautiful place in the world. Today, I'm going to share pictures of some of the places that we visited on our "Across the USA" trip back in the fall of 1998. 

Let me give you just a little background. In the fall of 1994, my family bought a home on the same street where our friends the Turanskys were already living. Both families were homeschoolers at that time and we worked together on teaching our kids and learning how to become good parents. We also took a lot of trips and vacations together. In 1998, we bought an RV and took a 4-week trip across the USA. This was the best homeschool course we ever did! The kids continued with their schooling on a limited basis. The new class was "The United STATES of America." As we passed through a state, the kids studied that state. They still talk about that trip.

We had a lot of fun on our trips and the other thing we worked on was teamwork. It's a great thing to work on in family life. It gets everyone pulling together for good of the family. This is just one example of how it worked for us. Typically, we'd pull into an RV park late in the day when we were all pretty tired. Everyone had an assigned "arrival job" and we went to work as if on a mission. We all enjoyed the challenge of trying to get everything set up in record time. It was fun and the work got done fast because we worked as a team and each job was important. Of course, we trained the kids on their particular task using TDOEE. (Teach, Demonstrate, Observe, Evaluate and Encourage) If you don't know what I'm talking about, you'll have to read my article from Day 5 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. (Thursday) 

So now, here are just a few of the beautiful places we visited.

THE Grand Canyon

The Badlands in South Dakota

The Grand Tetons in Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park

Mount Rushmore


Next week, we'll take a trip to Kenya, East Africa.

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