8 Weeks Will Change Your Family: Part 2

Will You Make an Investment of 8 Weeks to Take Your Parenting to the Next Level? It Will Change Your Family Forever! 

Hi Friends! This is Ed Miller and I'd like to continue to share about how 8 Weeks can change your parenting and your family forever. In Part 1 of this article I talked about a heart-based approach to parenting and the importance of parent coaching. I started to outline the strategy we use to work with parents in an
Christmas 2016 - Ed, Dave Amanda, Maddie, Tim & Joanne
Intensive 8-Week Coaching Program. I'd like to tell you more about that in Part 2. Let me start by reminding you that I believe every parent should work with a Parent Coach. 
Think about that for a minute.  Are you working with a Parent Coach? 

There are several options. You can work with a personal parent coach. We have a whole web page of coaches just waiting to work with you. The coaching is done through online training sessions; weekly phone calls; practice assignments and journaling. You choose the coach and determine when you'll start your 8-Week Intensive Training. It's important to find a time when you can devote significant time to the program. You'll only get the promised change if you put in the work. 

You can also join an online parent coaching class

I'd like to invite you to work with me for 8 weeks this winter starting on February 19, 2017. 

This Online Parent Coaching Class will be just like a group clinic for a sport or a fitness class. You'll working through the same training material; doing practice sessions and journaling. In addition, you'll be writing about what you're learning on our Online Parent Training Group on Slack.com and getting feedback from other parents. I will still be providing some input on the personalized plan you're developing with one of your children. The other benefit is a lower cost. The normal cost for Online Parent Coaching Class is $200.00 for the 8-Week Intensive Program. We're offering a $50.00 discount if you join my group this winter. That brings your cost down to $150.00 for 8 weeks of great parent coaching.

If you're considering working with a personal parent coach or joining the Online Parent Coaching Class, you'll want to watch the 2 introductory videos by Dr. Scott Turansky. You need to watch both videos so that you know exactly what is required of you for this 8 weeks to be a success in your family.

Watch Videos Now

We use coaches in sports, fitness, and education. There are "Life Coaches," "Wellness Coaches," "Business Coaches" and "Career Coaches." I would suggest that parenting is one of the hardest and one of the most important jobs in the world. Parents need everything that I've just described above, so why don't we seek out a coach? It's not like we start out our journey in parenting as experts. And babies don't even come with an instruction manual. Yes, we can attend seminars and read books, but there's nothing like a coach to walk along side of us in this journey and help us develop an effective training plan. That's because it isn’t just about learning more information. A coach knows how to pass information on to parents in ways that they can understand and work into their lifestyles. That requires wisdom and experience. 

In our 8-Week Intensive Parent Coaching Program, you'll put in lots of time. In fact, be sure that you have a good 8 week stretch of time before you commit to working with a coach or join the coaching class. You'll watch a couple of 10-15 minute videos each week and have the option of doing additional reading. You'll journal about what you're learning in the videos and readings. You'll develop a specific plan for change for just one problem that one of your children is facing. You'll have a meeting with that child each week to explain the change plan; get their input and pray together. You'll also meet once a week with your coach or write about how it's going in your own "room" in our private online group on Slack.com. (This is for the Online Parent Coaching Class.) The coach will give you practice assignments each week to enhance your skills as a parent. Through all of this, you'll learn a strategy for developing change in a child that can then be duplicated with other children or other problems.

Sign Up for the Group Class Today!

You'll need to create an account in our online store; order and pay for he class; and use coupon code BPCEM  in the final stage of the checkout process and we'll take $50.00 off the price making your final cost just $149.00. The title of this program in the online store is the Biblical Parent Coaching Program Independent Study. By using this coupon code, I'll know that you want to be in the Online Parent Coaching Class. 

If you have questions, just sent them to me through the comments section. For a more private message, email me at ed@biblcalparenting.org.

Another way to learn more about this 8-Weeks Intensive Coaching Program is by reading our new FREE eBook called Change: Helping Any Child of Any Age with Any Problem. 


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