Why I LOVE Coaching Parents

    I love coaching parents to work more effectively with their kids and I’d like to tell you why. Maybe God will inspire in you the same passion, and you’d like to become part of our network of coaches. We have a Biblical Parenting Coaching Program to train others to strengthen families.

Coaching Blesses Families in Tangible Ways

I have to be honest and say that my main love for coaching is driven by the feeling of success, primarily when parents see their children change in significant ways, conflict decrease, and families grow closer together. A lot of ideas about parenting are out there today but a heart-based approach sifts through the ideas to provide workable solutions.
Parents are eager for help.
It takes solid biblical theology to understand how God made a person and how the heart changes. God’s grace can bring about change in anyone and tapping into His solutions maximizes the process. It’s important then to apply the biblical principles in ways that parents can easily use with their kids at their developmental stages, with their special needs, and their distinct personalities.

It’s fascinating and complicated sometimes to work in the heart of a child. You never know which technique or strategy will create that “Aha” moment. That’s why I love working in families. The multi-faceted approach we’ve developed comes from our understanding of how God works with his children to move them along in their sanctification. I find it challenging and rewarding to work where the Holy Spirit is working in a parent’s life.
I feel a sense of satisfaction when I see a parent’s smile or eyes lighting up with a new idea that they think might work. It’s rewarding to hear the stories of success and see a parent’s determination increase because of the hope they are beginning to experience.

Parents Want Help

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not easy to coach parents. I’ll often spend time pondering a family dynamic and asking the Lord which solutions might be best to share and how best to give parents a vision for trying some new strategies when they feel as if they’ve tried everything.
A heart-based approach makes a huge difference.
Sometimes when parents hear me talk about a heart-based approach to parenting they imagine that I mean a more mushy approach or more dialogue. Of course, that might be helpful for some, but a heart-based approach is much more than that. It often means more firmness, a creative use of consequences, and a combination of tools that force a change in a child’s life. One Mom told me that she was hoping that her daughter would want to clean her room. I responded, “That would be nice but sometimes responsibility means building an internal sense of obligation so that we do what’s right even though we don’t want to.” That’s the heart at work.
The need is great today. Every parent is unique and every child is different. There’s not just one Christian way to raise kids. There are a lot of good ways to parent. For example, in many situations, one parent wants to be more firm and strict and the other wants to be more relational and cooperative. You can raise kids to be godly and responsible with either approach.
The decision about what’s best in each family situation, however, shouldn’t solely be based on the parent’s preference or on how that parent was raised. An overriding factor must be, “What does this child need?” Sometimes a parent who prefers a relational approach needs to become more firm in order to provide a child with the internal structure necessary in the heart.
The challenging nature of parenting is what drives parents to seek out coaches like me. They’ve exhausted their ideas and want help. The reality is that some kids need a more strict approach and others need a more relational approach.
But the tools used in a heart-based and resources go so much further. Parents often don’t know where to start. I suggest, “Look for tendencies in your child that are a problem. Jesus told us that out of the heart the mouth speaks and that all kinds of behavior issues start in the heart. So, if your child reacts disrespectfully once, that might be an accident, but if it it’s a pattern, then you’ll want to address the heart.”
Parents want unity but they need tools.
Parents who simply focus on behavior change or who use reward and punishment to get things done, often miss the heart of a child and actually make things worse. In a heart-based approach, everyday interaction becomes the therapy where children develop the internal character that will help them overcome the current challenges.
I tell parents, “Every child needs therapy and a parent is the God ordained, best therapist for that child, if the parent has a good plan.” My task as a coach is to equip parents with plans that work in their situations.

What Makes This Approach Powerful

Over the years, I’ve honed down a way to work with children that has, as it’s core, a focus on the heart. All parents want to reach the hearts of their kids but most don’t know how. I’ve discovered or developed hundreds of tools and techniques that all fit into a heart-based approach to parenting. It’s a different way to think. Parents become visibly encouraged in coaching sessions as they find inspiration with new strategies.
Let's be biblical, practical, and focus on the heart.
Often as I equip parents, I hear comments such as, “This makes so much sense,” or, “I love how you tie solutions into God’s Word,” or “This is so practical. I can do this.” Parenting is hard work no matter what you do. As a coach, I just make it a bit easier and certainly more productive.
Coaching parents is both an art and a science. That’s why this apprenticeship program is the most effective way to develop more coaches. There are many other capable people whose heart beats like mine who want to help families. I’ve designed a coaching program that passes on the tools that parents need. These coaches will learn how to help parents in tangible ways.
In the Biblical Parenting Coaching Program, men and women will discover tools, strategies, and techniques by watching over 30 ten-minute videos, read select chapters in four books (provided with the tuition) and end up with a thick notebook of coaching tips, forms, and solutions to parenting problems.
This coaching program isn’t just about learning more information. It’s about knowing how to pass it on to parents in ways that they can understand and work into their lifestyles. That requires wisdom and that’s why I’ll work directly with the coaches for eight weeks in a closed Facebook group with other coaches in training.
Each coach in training must find one parent to be their case study during the eight weeks of training. The problems experienced in that family will be shared in the group, and the coaches will receive practical, biblical solutions to take back to the parent. During the eight weeks coaches will be mentored through the process of working with that one parent. They’ll also watch others report their success and challenges. By the time they’re done with the eight weeks, coaches will have several practical examples of how to apply Biblical Parenting solutions to various kinds of family situations.
The Biblical Parenting Coaching Program uses an apprenticeship program to train coaches to work with parents of all kinds of families including single parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, blended families, and grandparents raising children. I am personally involved in each coach’s training as knowledge increase and skills develop. The process is rewarding to me because I get to see God work in the lives of people.
Coaches learn how to use a series of forms including an Intake Form, a Release of Information Form, a weekly Status Update Form, a Parent Journal Form, and a Periodic Evaluation Form. These tools help coaches transfer information, retain important details, and measure progress.

The Sky is the Limit
Dr. Turansky teaches thousands of parents every year.

If you’ve read this far then your heart is likely beating alongside of mine. You want to help parents and you have hope that this might be a program that just might equip you with the resources and methods to achieve your goals. Whether you do this as a ministry in your church or open up a new professional dimension of your practice, you’ll have the tools necessary to be a successful parent coach. The more parents you work with, the greater confidence you’ll develop because you’ll personally experience God’s grace in people lives.
You’ll also have these ongoing benefits: 
• As an approved biblical parenting coach you’ll be featured on the biblicalparenting.org website so that other people can find you in your area.
• Receive ongoing access to the Parent and Coach portions of Biblical Parenting University so that you can use the resources for yourself and for the parents you coach.
• You'll be considered a certified Biblical Parenting Coach. You’ll receive a certificate. You can charge for your services (and we suggest you do because when parents pay, they change faster) without any financial obligation to the National Center for Biblical Parenting.
• And then there’s the ongoing satisfaction of being used by God in a powerful way in one of the most strategic relationships in anyone’s life.
Sometimes I go to bed at night and say to myself, “Why would I want to watch reality TV?” The experiences I have in coaching bring me into contact with not only an inside look into a family’s life, but I also get to watch God work. After many a coaching session I find myself worshipping God because he just did another miracle right in front of my eyes.
I'm Scott Turansky
If you're interested in parent
coaching, we should talk.

I can hardly wait to share the blessing of coaching with others. If you know someone who might make a good Biblical Parenting Coach, would you please have them check it out at biblicalparenting.org/coach. Do you have further questions? I’d love to interact with you about this program. Just email me at scott@biblicalparenting.org.


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