Keep This is Mind When Training Kids

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"Child training takes time and skill and it starts by identifying the character quality you’re trying to work on."

Identify the character quality you're child needs and it will help turn your child training positive. 

If you stop for a moment and consider what your hopes and dreams are for your child you’ll begin to think about the goal. Your desire is to build character. But often, an overemphasis on correction to get to the goal becomes frustrating for both parent and child. We find it’s helpful to ask what is the character quality you’re trying to build and how can you train your child to get there? Child training takes time and skill and it starts by identifying the character quality you’re trying to work on.

The word "discipline" used in the Old Testament is translated from the Hebrew word, "chanak," and means "to train." Training implies guidance to a particular goal. I (Scott) remember visiting a bonsai exhibit with many small beautiful trees, each in their own pot. Next to each tree was a card telling the story of that particular tree. In particular, I was interested in how long the training had been going on. Many had been in process for 30-40 years and one began its training over 100 years ago.

"The word 'discipline' means 'to train'." 

Training takes time. Too much force will break a branch and too little care returns the plant to the wild. The same is true with children. Firm consistent discipline is needed to guide and direct kids. Some parents are tempted to have a few big consequences to "really make an impression on this kid." Rather, many small corrections and consequences would be more effective.

Many of the problems children have are either behavioral habits or character deficiencies. It would be nice if they could have a "burning bush" experience that would change their lives instantly, but it usually doesn't happen that way. Even Moses had to spend forty years in the desert as a shepherd leading sheep before he was ready to lead people.

Change takes time and many small corrections and reminders can contribute to long-term change in your child. So, choose a character quality your child needs, define it, think of ways to implement it, and pray that God will use your daily words and actions of correction to help your child make the heart changes necessary.

This idea is developed in the curriculum entitled Motivate Your Child Action Plan. Twelve chapters with twelve audio sessions help you identify the important character quality needed and then walks you through the process of developing a strategy to move your child closer to the goal.


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