Train Your Kids to Be Heroes

Hope Mountain Group Home in Vitoria, Brazil

Dr. Scott Turansky and I are just back from a mission trip to Brazil where six of us taught Hero Training Camp to street boys. This VBS program from the National Center for Biblical Parenting teaches children about the conscience and how they can become heroes just like David in the Bible. 

You can do the very same thing in your family using Hero Training Camp. You and your kids will learn why God gave us a conscience and how it functions to help us serve the Lord. I hope you want to teach your kids to be heroes. 

Before I tell you more about Hero Training Camp, let me give you some more background on our trip to Brazil.  We came to Brazil to work with Philip and Corenne Smith who founded Hope Unlimited. We worked with them at their facility in
Philip, Bella, Corenne and Mark
Vitoria, Brazil where they work with some of the most desperate street kids. We can't even show you their pictures because many of them are under a death threat from Drug Lords. These kids have been rescued from certain death and now live in a refuge of hope. They live in family units and learn about Jesus and how to re-build their lives. It was summer break in Brazil, so we were able to do some programs and fun activities with these kids during a slow time. 

The picture at the top of this post is an aerial view of Hope Mountain. Isn't it beautiful? We fell in love with the place and the people.  We started out with Day One of Hero Training Camp and soon found out that we would need to make some adjustments in our activities. We asked them if they wanted to be heroes and they said "no way." Their experience with heroes is that they're killed. We realized that we had some work to do. 

The next day we started with a skit that illustrated what a hero looked like in the small things. They were starting to get it. One of the things that the conscience does it to prompt us to do what's right. That leads to the development of
convictions which we act on. We used the "Trust Fall" to help them understand this concept. Convictions are beliefs that you hold so strongly that you're willing to take action on them. We started by having a couple members of our team do the fall with me (Ed Miller) catching them. They stated that they trusted me to catch them and would take action on that conviction. I didn't drop either one of them. We weren't sure if the boys would be willing to trust us. When I asked for volunteers the hands went up quickly. Many of the boys did the fall and learned about convictions and trust. 

We did two more sessions of Hero Training Camp and the boys learned more about how to become heroes in the small things. Throughout the week, we ate with them, had fun with them and developed trust on a number of levels. Have you tried Hero Training Camp in your home or church? Why not check it out. It's a companion program that goes with the book Motivate Your Child. 

Sidney, Malik and Eli with Stephani
In the evenings, we ran program for parents. Eli and Sidney were translators for Scott and Ed as we spoke at churches and at Hope Mountain. Sunday evening, Ed taught from the Scriptures about the heart and Scott shared about how parents could pass the faith on to their children in the home. It's amazing how God orchestrates things like this. This church (Bethel) had already been focusing on developing a heart for missions. I didn't know this beforehand. As I spoke, I was looking at a 12 foot heart on the back wall of the church. God allowed us to weave our message in with what he was already doing there. 

The next evening, Scott did a 2-hour parenting seminar at another church. He taught again about the heart and about the instruction routine. The family is in trouble all around the world and parents need help. It was great to be able to provide some important training.

The following evening, couples came up to Hope Mountain for a Couples Event. Scott taught about how to deal with anger in a relationship. Anger is ofter a problem in our lives and it is no different in Brazil. All of the couples were grateful for practical help and hope for their marriages. 

The National Center for Biblical Parenting is committed to missions. We provide scholarships for people from outside the United States to be trained as presenters and return to their country. God is doing great things in families today and NCBP is on the front lines to offer support and direction.

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  1. Sidney started on the streets at the age of 6. He's one of the ones who made it. If you'd like to learn more the story of a street kid who made it, go to his website.