What Can a Child’s Emotions Tell You?

Since the heart is where decisions are formed, commitments made, and beliefs established, your child’s emotions become an opportunity for parenting. Look for ways to use your children's emotions to help you understand their hearts.

Don't Be Afraid of Emotions
Many parents are afraid of their children’s emotions and try to minimize them. It’s true that one parental responsibility is to help our children manage their feelings effectively. But, contrary to popular belief, emotions aren’t an enemy. They reveal valuable information about what’s going on in the heart.

Some children express their emotions freely, giving parents obvious cues to guide their teaching and correction. Other children, however, are more reserved, processing emotions internally without outbursts, tantrums, or crying episodes. Parents of these children must be more aware of small cues, engage their children in conversation more often, and look for ways to help their children work through life’s challenges without clogging their hearts with unresolved emotional residue.

Emotions Reveal What's Important
Excitement uncovers what your children get passionate about. Joy reveals what your kids like. Anxiety discloses where your children feel weak or lack control. Sadness pinpoints pain in a child’s life. And anger reveals unmet desires, a hurtful experience, or a violation of what they believe is right.

Don’t back away from your child’s emotional intensity. Instead, figure out what else is going on in the heart. Kids long to connect with others, but many don’t know how. Emotions are an essential tool for understanding and building relationships. Teach your children how to see, understand, control, and relate to emotions and you’ll give them a gift they’ll use for the rest of their lives.

How are you working with your children in this area of emotions? Share a comment on this article.

This parenting tip comes from the book Parenting is Heart Work by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN.
Concordia University’s Family Ministry Program requires that every student read Parenting is Heart Work. Dr. Ben Freudenburg says, “This is our go-to book for parenting. It’s biblical practical approach is powerful.”

If you want to go deeper into this approach, you should consider Parenting is Heart Work Training Manual with 8 Audio Sessions. You'll listen to Dr. Turansky and Mrs. Miller as they unpack strategic routines of family life. Learn how to give day-to-day instructions in a way that builds cooperation and responsibility. Hear practical ideas for connecting with your kids emotionally so that their hearts will be soft and teachable. Each of the 8 chapters has an accompanying 45-minute MP3 that allows you to listen on any device at your convenience. Answer the questions in the lesson, look up the scriptures, reflect on the teaching, and look for the transformation. You’ll love the difference.

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