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Equipping parents and assisting churches in ministry to parents and families is nothing new for us at The National Center for Biblical Parenting. We're now taking another step forward in bringing our Biblical and practical tools, our expertise and our prodigious energy to support the Church's Discipleship mandate. We're calling it the Parent Training Center Initiative. 
We've identified 3 crucial theological principles that will drive this initiative. Parenting is Heart Work will be a key resource. We'll highlight this classic Turansky/Miller parenting book that starts with a study of the 750 times the word “heart” is used in the Bible. God’s Word reveals new insight into strategies for change in a person’s life. 

Dr. Scott Turansky and I will share more specific teaching on each of these truths in coming articles. If you'd like to learn more now, start with this video.

We're now forming Launch Teams composed of people who are willing to work with us to promote this initiative to church leaders. One team will be for bloggers only and the other will be for anyone who would like to help us spread the word.

All members of either launch team will receive a PDF version of Treasure Hunters Children's Curriculum valued at $24.95. This curriculum goes along with Parenting is Heart Work and can be used in a Children's Program or in your family time at home. All bloggers will receive a paperback copy of Parenting is Heart Work (PHW) as well. General Launch Team members who do not already own a copy will be able to purchase a copy for 50% off. (List price is $15.99)

Here's more information about the launch.

August 4-24, 2015

We'll be having social media campaigns throughout August that will include giveaways, webinars and more. Churches that sign up to be "Parent Training Centers" will receive many benefits including a Mobilization Kit containing valuable tools and resources. 

The 2 primary tasks for the the launch teams will be the following:
  1. Pass along information to your church leaders or leaders of other churches.
  2. Post reviews of Parenting is Heart Work on Amazon, as well as on your blog or other retail sites.
The secondary priorities are these:
  1. Promote the initiative and the book on social media.
  2. Pass the information on to friends who will share it with their church leaders.
  3. Promote the giveaways and webinars by Dr. Scott Turansky

We're now offering an "Early Adopter" Discount worth $50.00 OFF the initial fee for the first 20 churches who sign up. Please share this code with your church leadership so that they can get in on this right from the start. The code is: PTC5D


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