6 Things Kids Can Do When They Are Bored

“I’m bored!” Richie said with a whiny voice. Sometimes kids complain that they’re bored. Sometimes you can just tell they’re bored because they’re instigating trouble, getting into mischief, or just grumbling and complaining in general.

Instead of handing your child the iPad or turning on the TV, you might want to build some initiative. Don’t just give your child something to do. Rather, give categories, brainstorm ideas, and then require that your child choose something.

Recently, I was working with my grandson who seemed bored and I told him, “There are six things you can do when you’re bored. Let me tell you them and we’ll see which category interests you today.” We started through the process and I only got to number three before the lights came on and he became engrossed in an activity that took him hours.

Remember, don’t tell your kids what to do, and don’t give them something to do. Rather, teach them how to choose something to do and you’ll equip them for the future. Here are the six things kids can do when they’re bored. Take them one by one and brainstorm together what might be in this category.

1) Be Creative

You might draw, paint, or build something. You might write a story, write a new song, or create an art project. Creativity exercises certain muscles in your brain that bring satisfaction and enjoyment to life. Sometimes others will appreciate your creativity but the best reward is the internal sense of accomplishment that you made it.

2) Learn Something New

Reading a book, exploring in the backyard, or asking a difficult question can each result in new knowledge you didn’t have before. There’s a delight that takes place in discovery that makes the work involved worthwhile.

3) Build Relationship

You might look for a way to build up someone. Encouraging another person or taking an interest in his or her life draws people closer and gives a sense of pleasure through relationship. You might talk to a neighbor, write a letter to grandma, or call your cousin on the phone. In any case, building relationship has special rewards.

4) Serve Others

Look for something that needs to be done and do it. It might be straightening up the porch or cleaning out the car; fixing the toilet paper holder or preparing some food. It might be looking for a need someone has and finding a way to help out. It doesn’t take long when you look outside or around the neighborhood to find something that needs to be done. The joy of serving others provides the internal blessings that we are contributors in life.

5) Grow Spiritually

You might memorize a Bible verse, read a passage of scripture, create a prayer list, or do a Bible Study. Growing spiritually builds strength inside the heart. It’s rewarding to look into God’s Word and then find an application of that truth in life. God is working all around. It takes a thoughtful person to stop and see what he is doing.

6) Exercise

You might walk or run or ride a bike, or maybe you’re ready for something even a bit more demanding like push ups or sit ups. You might also bear crawl or crab walk around the house for a while. Exercise releases endorphins that improve attitude and enjoyment of life.

Notice that each of the above things are categories that might spark some energy inside your child. Each one comes with a reward. Be sure to talk about that reward after the fact. Kids need to see that not all rewards in life are on star charts or out of someone’s wallet. The best rewards are those that develop in the heart.

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