Do Your Kids Rely on You to Be Their Conscience?

An Article by Ed Miller...

Do you feel like you're always nagging your kids? Do you wish they'd do the right thing without being told? You're not alone. Most parents are in this position. Your children are generally obedient, but they don't take initiative to do things until they're told. Don't you wish they were more internally motivated to do the right thing? It's really possible. You need to work in an area that most people don't talk about. You need to work on the heart and the conscience. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was getting ready to coach a baseball game with my 9U Travel Team. I've been working with our team captain to lead the team in pre-game warmups. I've been doing a lot of instructing and prompting, but on this day, it really clicked. He took the team down the left field line and was leading the drills. The coaches were all standing next to the dugout and looking on with feelings of pride and joy. There was no adult out on the field with the boys. The captain is a strong leader and he was internally motivated to do the right thing and the team followed him. Later in the day before our next game, he actually reminded me that it was time for the team to start throwing in preparation for the next game. 

I know what you're thinking. I'm a parenting expert so of course I should be able to do this with children. I do have a lot of experience working with children, but this is something that anyone can do. It will take some work, but it's possible. Most parents actually train their kids to wait for their instructions. They play the role of "conscience" in their child's life. You're actually training your child to wait on you! The secret is teaching children to tune into their own God-given conscience. As children grow, we must begin to transfer more and more responsibility to them for their life. It makes sense doesn't it? But how do you do it?

When you focus on the conscience, good things happen. Children can learn to be more internally motivated instead of relying constantly on parental prompters. In addition, you'll be partnering with the Holy Spirit to mold your child's heart.

We've got a great idea for a summer activity with your children to develop their conscience while having a lot of fun together. Hero Training Camp is a conscience development course for kids. The lessons are packed with activities, crafts, Bible stories from the life of David, science experiments and even snack ideas. Heroes are characterized by the same things that are prompted by the conscience. They do what's right, deal with wrongs, are honest and care about others. God has placed within your child the sensitivity to those four things, but the conscience needs some molding and shaping. 

Hero Training Camp was designed to be used as a Children's Program Curriculum or in a VBS, but it also works great at home. We've added some new elements including weekly podcasts from Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN and resource materials like posters, a music CD  and logo shirts. Hero Training Camp at Home starts June 21 and runs for 8 weeks. We suggest that you set aside 30 minutes per session and move along at a comfortable pace. As with all of our "Family Time" resources, the program centers around engaging activities that children will love.

And now, you can get this program for our best price of the year. Get an additional $10.00 of the already discounted price if you act now. 

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What are you doing this summer to spiritually nurture your children?


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Did you read my article about "Boys and Guns?" Let me know what you think. 


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