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Have you purchased a bundle in the Build Your Bundle (BYB) Sale? In this post, I'm going to tell you about another resource in The Christ-Centered Mom Bundle. Learning in Spite of Labels by Joyce Herzog is a great resource for anyone who cares about education and especially how to help those facing various learning challenges. 

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A Review by Ed Miller...

I've been blessed in my life to have had many influences driving me toward a commitment to "life-long learning." I believe that we must always be seeking to learn and grow. If we're not growing then we're standing still or actually moving backwards. At the same time, it is true that we learn in different ways. We're all unique and we all face challenges to learning. Some of us and some of our children face serious and significant challenges to learning, but that doesn't mean that we can't learn. 

"All children can learn! A diagnosis of learning disability, ADD, ADHD, autism, or mental retardation does not mean that the child cannot learn. It means that the teacher will be more than ever responsible to adapt and individualize the instruction and the demands. It means that the teacher must be ready to define steps to success, redefine goals, concentrate on the ten percent which is really important, and listen to the silent messages of the child!" 
Do you know what its like to have a learning disability or challenge? Here's a great exercise from Chapter ONE in Learning in Spite of Labels by Joyce Herzog. Try it and you'll have a new understanding of what many people deal with on a daily basis.
"The first thing you need to know is what it is like to have a learning disability. The following activity will give you the rare opportunity to experience what it feels like to be learning disabled. You will need a piece of paper which is not attached to a notebook and a pen or pencil. I will ask you to do a very simple thing. I will tell you what to do, but before you do it, I will add one other teeny little instruction, so get ready, but do not actually do it until I give the final instruction and tell you to do it. You are going to write down a date that is important to you: such as the date of your birth, your marriage, or the birth of your child. You will use the numeral way of writing dates. The second thing you are to write is the name of the city and state where that dated thing happened. If you write the date of your marriage, you will also write the name of the city and state where you were married. That sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? As you write, notice your thought process. What are you thinking? Try to write in your neatest handwriting. Try to write on a nice straight line with the letters perfectly spaced. That won’t take much forethought, or will it? There is a catch, of course. You will be holding the paper on your forehead to do the writing! That will change the task in an important way that we will discuss in a moment. For now, you are to hold the paper on your forehead and write an important date, city and state. Remember to notice what you are thinking! After you write, keep holding the paper to your forehead as you read the next paragraph body. Do not take it down and look at it just yet! Write now, but don’t take the paper down until you read the next paragraph! Did you have to think about the direction to move your pen? Did you forget which letter or number came next? Was it more difficult than usual? Did you do your best? Take the paper down now and look at your work. Did you reverse any letters or numbers? Did you write the whole thing in mirror writing? How was your letter formation and spacing? What grade would you get if I graded your paper for handwriting with a group of papers where the students were allowed to write normally? How would you feel if I judged you on the basis of this paper? How would you feel if everyone else in the room could write normally and you had to continue writing this way for the rest of the year, but were graded on the same norms as everyone else?" 
This book is packed with practical and useful exercises like this. If you're working with a child facing challenges, you'll want to get the Christ-Centered Mom Bundle.


The eBook version of Seeing is Believing is part of The Christ-Centered Mom Bundle which is selling for just $12.00 this week in the Build Your Bundle Sale. Kirk Weaver has created simple and easy activities that will bring excitement and energy to your "Family Times." 

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The other resource we have in The Christ-Centered Mom Bundle is Home Improvement: The Parenting Book You Can Read to Your Kids. You can also use this in a "Family Time." Kids love stories and the first part of each chapter is a story of a family who has various challenges. They run into friends who give them advice and suggestions for handling the challenges. You'll have a great discussion with your kids talking about the advice given in the story. Kids love learning about family life through this ongoing story. The second part of each chapter contains more suggestions for implementing the strategy in the family. You and your children will love this book.


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