Who Are Your Heroes?

Reflections from Ed Miller...

I've always loved heroes. I watched all the super hero cartoons and movies when I was young. I can't take most of the super hero movies today, (Too much visual stimulation, I must be getting old!) but I'm still attracted to the idea of heroes. 

One person stands high on my list of heroes. That would be William Wilberforce. Os Guinness shares at length about Wilberforce in his excellent work, The Call
Amazingly, no great reformer in Western history is so little known as William Wilberforce. He thought, as millions have thought before and since, that "spiritual" affairs are far more important than "secular" affairs. Fortunately, a minister - John Newton, the converted slave trader who wrote "Amazing Grace" - persuaded Wilberforce that God wanted him to stay in politics rather than enter the ministry. "It's hoped and believed," Newton wrote, "that the Lord has raised you up for the good of the nation." After much prayer and thought, Wilberforce concluded that Newton was right. God was calling him to champion the liberty of the oppressed - as a Parliamentarian. "My walk," he wrote in his journal in 1788, "is a public one. My business is in the world; and I must mix in the assemblies of men, or quit the post which Providence seems to have assigned me."
William Wilberforce was vilified and blocked in his commitment to eradicate the slave trade in Great Britain, but he was not deterred from his mission. He labored tirelessly for nearly 50 years before he accomplished his goal. He stands as an example and a hero to me. 

Who are your heroes?

Please leave a comment and share with us.

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Who are your heroes?


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