Parent the Heart Part I

Reflections from Ed Miller … 

We're leading a revolution in family and parenting ministry and we've just launched the "Parent the Heart" Campaign. We invite you to join the team.

There are many ways that you can be involved. We're in Phase 1 right now and running through the end of the year. 

1) Download your FREE pages from Parenting is Heart Work and learn more about the 9 functions of the heart. I'll tell you more about this Biblical study in my next blog post, Parent the Heart Part II.

2) Stand up and be counted. 

3) Donate now. 

Goal: $27,000.00 by December 31, 2014

We're asking you to invest financial resources in this campaign. The ROI (Return on Investment) is a doubling of the number of converts to heart-based parenting in 2015. Keep reading to learn more about this.

As a thank you for your investment, we'll give you access to a 30-minute video where you’ll learn how to Parent the Heart. If you donate $200.00 or more, we'll add a "Parent the Heart" shirt that you can wear as a conversation starter.

This is the Mission in 2015 …

Convert parents from the overuse of a reward/punishment system
             … to a "parent the heart" approach.

This is the Goal …

Double the number in 2015. In Phase 2, we'll bring all our resources to bear and see how the Lord works to bring the increase.

We're very excited about getting Parenting is Heart Work into the hands of many parents this month. It's the 4th Quarter Special in our web store. It's also available as an eBook for $2.99 at all online retail outlets throughout the month of December. We have a team of bloggers reading the book right now and they'll be posting their reviews starting on Dec. 3, 2014. 

Motivate Your Child launches on January 27, 2015.  The release of a new book provides a window of opportunity to get this message out through many media outlets. We plan to take advantage of this opportunity to "strike while the iron is hot." We have many exciting plans to share with you soon.

We'll be recruiting Launch Teams very soon. Bloggers will need to apply for the Blogger Launch Team, but everyone is welcome to join the General Launch Team. 

Tell us your story about "parenting the heart" in the comments below. Can you tell us a time when you were able to significantly connect with your child's heart through correction, reflection, or some unplanned event?


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