What's the Most Important Job in the World?

Reflections from Ed Miller ... 

I'm sure we could have a lively debate about this, but you probably know where I'm going.
  • Is there any job in the world more important than raising children?
  • Is there any job that's more difficult?
  • Is there any job where less training and education is required?
My children are both grown. I wish I knew 25 years ago what I know today. I would have done many things differently. I would have dealt with my anger issues sooner and I would have made major adjustments so as not to "exasperate my sons." I would have learned more about honor in relationships and how to parent the heart. 

Dave and Tim Miller at Dave's wedding in April 2014
But I wouldn't change the huge investment of time and energy I devoted to raising my children. I invested heavily in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nurture of two wonderful young men. Along with loving God and loving my wife, there is nothing more important that I could have done in my life. It was so worth it.

I hope you'll take a few minutes to watch this inspiring video.

"There is no single effort more radical in potential than raising a child."

                        - From the video, The Importance of Parenting

These words capture the true opportunity before every parent. It's the opportunity to nurture and prepare another human being to succeed and make a positive contribution in the world. It's a challenging time to be a parent and yet you want to do a good job because you recognize the tremendous potential. What's a parent to do? You work hard and do the best you can. 

We're here to make that job just a little bit easier.  We want to give you a new vision for how to approach this important job. We can help you learn to "parent the heart" of your child and not just focus on the behavior. I'll be writing about this over the coming months. I hope you'll come along for the ride. 

Are you already committed to "parent the heart"? Please let us know so that we can better gauge our level of impact? It'll take just a few minutes to complete a simple form.
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Leave us a comment and tell us how you've seen the radical potential of being a parent.

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  1. I share the same reflection looking back at raising our children. I am thankful for all that we did as parents for our 4 children who are now adults. And I want to pass knowledge on to new parents who are beginning the journey. God is faithful. My prayer is that our children follow Him.