An email went out from our office a few days ago that referenced the concept of honor that we love to teach about. Here's the excerpt:

As you know, one the primary tenets in our approach is heart-based parenting. Another significant concept we’ve developed is honor. It was one of the most helpful things I learned through my years of parenting. Just imagine our joy last December when we came home from a week of vacation to find our home cleaned from top to bottom and a Christmas tree set up in the Living Room. Our son Dave did this to honor us. What a joy!

One woman responded with a comment we can all take to heart. Here's what she said:
          Thank you for that anecdote about Dave cleaning your house top to bottom, as well as setting up your Christmas tree, so you were happily surprised upon your return home.  Yes, he showed you honor.  I also think his father had previously showed Dave  honor/respect by training him to work so Dave was able to do these various tasks last December. 
       Although I’ve been following your articles for over a year, I may have missed an article about fathers honoring sons by having the son work with him.   Perhaps it’s an older person’s point of view, but I remember sons used to join with their father in many home chores.  It wasn’t a big deal; it was just a “men do these things together” thing.  For instance, when the dad would change the oil in the car, put new brake pads on, or this and that, the son would work with the father.  And soon the son could do these things for himself, for his parents, and for his wife (later on).  
       While it’s true that  cars are so complicated now, a father doesn’t do these chores on his own vehicle, but there are other home tasks.  Surely, if a father is involved in cleaning up the yard, putting up new shelves in a bedroom, or painting the garage,  it would be showing honor to his son to have that son work cheerfully with him.  The boy would begin to feel like a man, because he would be working like a man, and would have a sense of accomplishment.  Men working together act like men; it isn’t exactly like a mom supervising/working with a son (although we did plenty of that too). 
      If there is an article on fathers showing honor and respect to their sons by training their sons to work, would you please send me the link?  Thank you.

I like that. Honoring our children with our time and partnership, and teaching them to work hard and server others is a valuable gift that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Thanks Friend for your comment.

To learn more about honor, you may want to look at the book Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining and Bad Attitudes in You and Your Kids, by Dr Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN.

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