The Family is Under Siege

Thoughts from Ed Miller

Continuing the Series on the 10 Challenges Facing the Family

There are many challenges facing the family today. We’ve covered a number of them, but there are many more. I’d like to talk about the brokenness and hurt that is present in all of us. This has many consequences like divorce, abuse, fighting, drug addiction and children running away. We’ve all faced pain and hurt in our lives and unless we deal with this and find healing, it will cause us to lash out and hurt others.

Let me tell you a story from For the Silent.

Samuel was a second grader from a rural town in Texas. He loved playing basketball, had a lot of friends, and made pretty good grades despite a difficult home life. Sam and his two sisters lived with their mother and stepfather, both of whom were highly addicted to methamphetamine and other drugs. 

Toward the end of the school year, Sam began rapidly withdrawing from friendships. His grades fell, and this once lively young boy started becoming reclusive.

The quick downward turn in Sam's life was the result of the tragedy happening at home. When his parents could no longer afford the drugs, they turned to the unimaginable. They began forcing Sam and his sisters to engage in sex acts for the entertainment of the parents’ friends, often charging spectators a fee of money or drugs.This abuse went on for nearly a year.

During Sam’s third-grade year, his reading teacher noticed the eight-year-old’s unnatural behavior and reported her concerns to the principal and CPS. After an investigation, Sam and his sisters were removed from the parents’ custody and placed in foster care.

Sam and his sisters are now living with caring foster parents.

The family is under siege today and the consequences are devastating for children.
It is essential to remember that vulnerability to human trafficking and gang activity is far-reaching, spanning multiple different areas such as age, socio-economic status, nationality, education-level, or gender. Traffickers often prey on people who are hoping for a better life, lack employment opportunities, have an unstable home life, or have a history of sexual abuse - conditions that are present in all spheres of society.

Children get involved in gangs primarily because they aren’t receiving adequate love and attention in their home. They find a “family” in the gang.

Consider this statistic from he U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services. In 1999, 1,682,900 youth had a period of time in which they could be characterized as a runaway or throwaway youth; 71 percent of these youth were considered at risk for prostitution (Estes & Weiner, 2001).

We need to bring the good news of transformation to parents and families. We need to build strong families where parents are empowered to pass the faith onto their kids and we need to mobilize the church to equip these parents.

This is what we’re all about in the 4/14 Family Challenge Movement.

Will you pray with us for the healing of families around the world?


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  1. I'm going to add some additional information to this article. The National Center for Biblical Parenting is considering participating in a city-wide outreach called the Price of Life NYC in October. We would be involved to promote the strengthening of families as a primary means of combating human trafficking. Of course, bringing the Gospel to bear in the lives of people is THE primary means of bringing justice and healing. If you'd like to learn more, check out the Price of Life NYC website.