When Do You Start to Train a Child?

Today's Guest Blog is brought to you by Sheilah Daws. Sheilah is the founder of Train Up the Child where she blogs and helps parents to establish God's Word in their children.

When do you start to train a child?

When the child is able to comprehend? When he is born? 

According to Judges 13 you start even before that!!

Manoah, the father of Sampson, was told by the angel of the Lord that his wife would conceive, and he immediately asked, “How shall we order the child?” Possibly Manoah was looking for instructions on how to care for the child or how to disciple him after he was born which is usually what concerns a parent-to-be. But God's plan was to begin right then and the child was not even conceived yet! The only instructions given to Manoah concerned what went into the mother's body. I believe this refers to not only physical food and drink but also spiritual nourishment for we are not just physical beings.  

I Corinthians 6:20 says that we have a spirit and a body.

What a mother-to-be eats during pregnancy feeds the child physically. It's necessary for the baby’s normal, healthy physical development.  In the same way, what the mother takes into her spirit will influence the baby as well.  Andrew Murray, in his book, How to Raise Your Children for ChristDescription: http://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=traupthechi-20&l=as2&o=1&a=0871232243, points out that ‘in that holy time of mystery, when mother and child are still one, and influences from a mother’s spirit pass into the child, God says, ‘Of all that I commanded let her observe.’’ (Judges 13:14God wants the mother obeying his Word and thus feeding the unborn child’s spirit with Scripture. 

Because God always has a plan in all he does, it is convenient that there are nine parts of the Fruit of the Spirit listed in Galatians 5:22-23 and there are nine months of pregnancy. This makes it possible to spend each month studying a different fruit and praying that fruit into your child.  Here’s a suggested way to do that:

  1. Find all the references in the Bible to the individual fruit.
  2. Choose one scripture for each fruit to begin memorizing and praying for your child.
  3. Research the meaning of the fruit and write a good definition that you will one day teach your child.
  4. Look for characters in the Bible who demonstrated the fruit. Learn these stories so you will be ready to share them with your child.

Take a look at my notes from studying and meditating on the Fruit of the Spirit when I was pregnant with my first child 35 years ago.

When do you think you should start to train a child?


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  1. It makes me think of Elizabeth and John - and the work of the Spirit in both of them before John was born . . .