Will You Join Me in the 4/14 Family Challenge?

A challenge from Scott Turansky...

The 4/14 Family Challenge is part of a greater global initiative called the 4/14 Window Movement. It is made of those who passionately and intentionally work to reach the next generation for Jesus Christ. We are just one of the organizations fanning the flame of the 4/14 movement around the world. Our desire in the 4/14 Family Challenge is to empower parents to pass the faith on to their kids and mobilize churches to equip them.

Why 4/14? 
Since most people who commit to Christ in the United States do so between the ages of 4 and 14, those numbers have become symbolic of reaching children and youth of any age with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I'm convinced that we must intentionally equip the next generation to understand the gospel message and apply it to their lives. The best way to do that is through parents who are committed to Christ. They are the primary spiritual trainers of their children. 

If you believe as we do, maybe you'd consider joining me. It starts in your home. If you haven't signed up for the weekly email empowering parents to share the Bible with their kids in creative ways, you can do so here

But it's more than just doing something in your home. I'm asking you to help us pass the word, and help others do the same. One simple way you can do that is by putting one of these badges on your website, facebook page, or other visible place. There are several badges here for you to choose from.

There are other ways you can invest in the next generation through the 4/14 Family Challenge. You might want to download the free ebook, tell others about the website TakeTheFamilyChallenge.com, or even host a 4/14 Family Challenge conference in your area. 

Maybe you're one of those people that is very passionate about this mission and you'd like to get very involved. Ed Miller on our staff at the National Center for Biblical Parenting spends much of his time looking for ways to help people in the 4/14 Family Challenge movement. He has lots of ideas and you might like to be a part of this with us. If so, you can email Ed and he'd love to exchange ideas for you in your family, in your church, or with others.

Feel free to dialogue with me here about this issue. I am very committed to this movement myself. I traveled to Indonesia last year to be part of a Global Summit for the Family Challenge. I am also working in North America to help recruit and mobilize organizations to get on board.

What are your thoughts about reaching the next generation for Jesus, especially through the family?

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