Join the Launch Team for The Christian Parenting Handbook

An Announcement from Scott Turansky...

We want the launch of our new book, The Christian Parenting Handbook, to be big, really big. So, here's what we've decided to do. We want to give over $400 of parenting resources to anyone who will help us. That's how important this is to us.

But please don't preorder this book! Here's why…

Sales of books get reported weekly to the New York Times from major resellers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Preorders don't count. So, as soon as we know the date in May that the release will take place, we'll let you know. Then, anyone who purchases the book in that first week, and sends us a receipt from one of those major retail outlets dated during Launch Week, will receive our gift of over $400 of parenting resources.

That gift is huge, we know, and contains videos, mp3s, and kid's curriculum to use in the home or at church. We want to give something that is so big that it gets people's attention and makes them want to schedule their purchase of the book during Launch Week.

In addition to promoting sales in the first week, we're also developing a Launch Team to help us get the word out. We're looking for 100 well-connected people to be part of this Launch Team. If you have a blog, are active on Facebook or Twitter, or have other significant influence, we'd love to have you join us as part of our Launch Team.

People on the Launch Team will receive an advanced copy of the book so they can post a review on one or more of the major outlets, using their own influence to tell others about the book.

The Christian Parenting Handbook is a practical, biblical, heart-based tool with 50 short chapters. Each of the chapters contain one idea to enhance your parenting. Our goal is not to give parents a formula, although it is a very practical handbook, but rather to teach parents how to develop a biblical philosophy of parenting.

We enjoyed putting this book together and we know that it will help a lot of parents. This is a book that will remain on parents' bookshelves for quick easy reference throughout their years of parenting.

To be considered as part of the Launch Team, here's what you can do. Email Scott Turansky and tell us a little bit about yourself. Give us links to your blog, Facebook, and/or Twitter sites. We'll use those to pick our 100 team members.

Feel free to dialogue with me about the Grand Launch by commenting on this blog. I'll respond to comments and keep people up to date, so you can ask me questions about the book or about the launch. Thanks.

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  1. Do those on the launch team also get the $400 in resources or just if you purchase the book during launch week?

  2. Those who are part of the Launch Team get the $400 worth of resources because of the work they do to help us out by posting a review and spreading the word.

  3. Hello,
    Thank you for what you all do for the Kingdom! This is a part of God's heart He has show me too. This is the message I believe He wants out!!!! He is available and wanting to connect and lead us as we parent our little chickadees. Wonderful...