Equipping Young People with Questions

From Scott Turansky...

This Sunday our church starts the 4/14 Family Challenge 90-Day Adventure. The purpose is to encourage people to pass the faith on to others. Although our whole church will be invited to the process and ideas will be shared over the next 13 weeks with all participants, we've divided the responses into three categories: Youth, Parents, Other Adults.

I'm excited as a pastor to help people pass the faith on to others, but I'm particularly interested in the questions I've designed for youth. My direction actually comes from the passage I'll teach on this Sunday. Joshua 4 is the story of the Israelites who are instructed by God to bring 12 stones out of the Jordan to remind the people of the power of God.

I met with a young man this week who is 10 years old. I asked him to read Joshua 4:6 and 21 and tell me how spiritual discussions often start in a family. The answer is "when your children ask..." or "when your decedents ask..." He was surprised. I asked him if he knew how his parents got saved. He basically did but I think he needed to hear the longer story. I challenged him to take the 90-Day Adventure and ask his parents one question each week and write down the answer.

I'll be interested to see what happens. I like the idea because it teaches children how to initiate spiritually in family life. I'm sure the questions will generate discussion. And the young man's journal will be a treasure for him and for me.

I'm interested he hear ways that you are encouraging spiritual dialogue in your family. Maybe I'll use ideas I hear from you to pass on to those in my church who are looking for practical suggestions.

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  1. I am always excited to see ways that adults can empower young people. Encouraging kids to ask questions of their parents is a great idea. Kids need honest and transparent adults in their lives. Check out this video called Teen Voice 2010.