Teaching Kids to Take Initiative

The conscience doesn’t speak but it does prompt children nonetheless. It prompts through emotions. When a child does the wrong thing, she feels guilty and is prompted to make it right. When a child sees something that needs to be done, he feels a sense of obligation.

But children often don’t feel a sense of obligation; they rely on parents for instructions and directions. Parents wish their children would see what needs to be done and do it on their own. Since that’s the goal then it’s important to parent in a way that moves children in that direction.

You might say, “Son, I’d like you to sit down for a moment and think of a couple of ways to add to family life today. What can you do that is helpful or encouraging?” Or, when it’s time to leave, instead of saying, “Get your backpack,” you might say, “Since we’re leaving in five minutes, what do you think you need to have to walk out the door?”

Stepping back and requiring children to think about what needs to happen will train them to start taking initiative on their own instead of waiting for parental initiative to get them moving. 

This parenting tip comes from the children’s program curriculum Hero Training Camp. It’s the conscience development course for kids.

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