Hero Training Camp at Home

Hero Training Camp at Home! is the conscience development program for kids.

Please tell us how it's going. Dialogue with other parents here on this blog and send pictures to joanne@biblicalparenting.org so we can post them on our website. View the pictures here.

Have a blessed time with your kids, and remember, when you focus on the conscience good things happen.


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  1. Here's a comment sent to us, accompanying pictures we posted on the web at http://www.biblicalparenting.org/r-htcfamilypictures.asp
    We're having a great time, it's great having a resource that helps me teach my kids important concepts that I want them to learn but haven't necessarily been able to come up with easy ways to teach.
    The first picture is from session 1, it was our modification of the ball on a towel game since we only had 2 kids, basically they had to keep the ball in the air and protect it from hitting the ground.
    The next 1 pictures are from session 2, the boys were practicing using their slingshots, they loved this one!
    The next 2 are also from session 2 playing the potato race.
    The last one is from session 3 watching the raisins float in Sprite. Not all the raisins would float for some reason so we talked about how sometimes our convictions are strong enough to raise us to the top and sometimes they aren't, especially if they are the wrong ones.