Building Internal Motivation in Kids

God has placed a conscience inside each person. The primary function of the conscience is to point people to a personal knowledge of God. Romans 2:15 describes the conscience as an internal witness inside non-believers that acknowledges God’s existence.

The conscience has other functions as well. The conscience provides internal prompters to children to do what’s right, but many parents miss opportunities to strengthen these prompters. Instead, parents emphasize parental prompters. One of the ways to increase the strength of a child’s internal prompters is to send children on missions where they have to rely on internal prompters and then take initiative themselves.

Instead of saying, “Johnny, go clean up the Legos in the playroom,” you might say, “Johnny, please go look in the playroom and see if you can find anything out of place in there.” Teaching children to see what needs to be done is the first step toward motivating them to make changes on their own. You might also say, “Oops, Jenny, think for a minute,” as she’s about to leave the table without helping to clean up. Or, “Jim, would you please think of a way you can help in these frustrating few minutes before dinner?”

Raising the awareness often requires that parents allow children to fill in some of the blanks by seeing what needs to be done for themselves and then taking initiative to do it.

This parenting tip comes from the children’s program curriculum Hero Training Camp. It’s the conscience development course for kids. The parent’s component to this curriculum is called Everyday Parents Can Raise Extraordinary Kids. You can enjoy this series on CD or MP3. Learn how to make this summer a growing experience for everyone in the family.

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