Caring for Others

One of the great ways to help children think of giving instead of just getting at Christmas is to reach out to others you don't even know. This one activity can do a tremendous amount to help kids focus on others, not just themselves. Here are some ideas:

Pray for missionaries in other parts of the world. Create a care package for a family and mail it off in time to arrive by Christmas Day.

Get involved in your church's gift-giving program. Most churches provide ways to give tangible gifts to those in need. Ask around your community for organizations that are providing gifts for others.

Take some homemade food and crafts to a local rest home or senior citizen center. Sing songs and greet people. Tell them Merry Christmas. Before you go and when you're finished, talk to your kids about the people you are visiting. Sometimes caring for people can be a challenge and a blessing. Discussions help children understand it all in practical terms.

Make sure that children understand that Christmas is a time when we can share the love of Jesus with others. After all, that's what God did for us.

What have you done with your kids to emphasize the giving this Christmas season?

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  1. My son's scout pack recently visited a fire station. On the way home we were talking about making cards and cookies for our neighbors and my son said that we should take some to the local fire and police station as well.

    It was encouraging to hear him be proactive in wanting to give.

  2. I have been asking the Lord to help me find some way to help my children understand what it means to "just LOVE people." It is easy to love people who love us back but what about the people that sometimes make us feel uncomfortable or are not so easy to love.
    I wasnt real sure how this would go, but instead of spending a large amount of money on cooking a thanksgiving meal this year. i decided to explain to my kids how blessed we are to have the ability to celebrate and have such a grade day! we went and used about 100.00 total and bought some 4ft subs. we cut them up and wrapped them with plastic wrap and included some mayo and mustard packs. we kind of formed an assembly line. i also went and bought 30 pairs of thermal socks from dollartree. we rolled the socks up and use rubber bands to hold a small paper with proverbs 3:5 printed on it. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. we made these little bags with a pickle sandwich and some warm, clean socks. we headed downtown to an outdoor mall we have in Denver call 16th st mall. it being Thanksgiving day morning it was very quiet and for the most part the only people on the mall were homeless. the kids (girl 13, girl 11, & boy 9) were all ready but as we approached the mall they started getting nervous. i told them look i will do the fist one if you want. i explained to them how we are not going to make a big deal about it. i asked a man "hey i got some sandwiches here, would you like one?" "absolutely! PRAISE GOD he replied!" within 2 blocks the kids had handed out most all of the bags of love and with only 6 left i said save those as i know where we are going to take them! there is a small group of trees that is used as a camp. i once interview some men there for a school project on homelessness. they were all asleep and so i just left the bag of love and food. This was by far the BEST thanksgiving ever!!! all the kids wished we had more sandwiches to give out and asked if we could make this a tradition!

    we just went to a Mat West show and he had this little book for 5 bucks tittled "101 simple and thoughtful ways to GIVE this Christmas away" he also has a song call "give this Christmas away" this book goes with the idea of GIVING and i love it!!!! this is a prayer answered as i have been asking God to help show me how to be a father that is going to teach my kids what loving your neighbor means!!!

    now my kids want to do something for Christmas of the same nature!!! I love it!!!!

  3. Each family member took a gift tag off of the tree at church and bought gifts for that person in need. We also gave an additional gift and wrote letters to our World Vision child so he could get a goat or another much needed supply. The kids filled his Christmas card with pencils, stickers, a ruler, and other fun, small items. Blessings--Dianne and family :)