Some Kids Drain Energy Out of Family Life

Some children have the ability to suck the energy right out of family life. These children are demanding of your time, need a lot of correction, and seem to be magnets for conflict. They are often emotionally explosive but almost always drain the energy out of parents and other family members. Unfortunately then, these children develop a negative view of themselves based on the high amount of negative feedback they receive.

One solution is to teach them to add energy back into family life. We use the term "honor" to describe the process of thinking of others above yourself. If Jack seems to get people riled up each afternoon before dinner, set an appointment with him at 4:00 pm for several days in a row and ask him to look for three things he can do to add to family life. He may decorate the dinner table, encourage his brother, or prepare something nice for Dad's arrival home.

If Jack continually antagonizes his sister, tell him that he needs to think of three nice things to do for her before he can go on with family life. Don’t tell him exactly what he needs to do. If you decide what Jack needs to do and tell him to do it, that's obedience. When Jack chooses, that's honor. Honor treats people as special and does more than what's expected. Jack needs to learn how to add energy to family life instead of taking it away. Challenging children in this way helps them to think differently.

Teens need to learn honor because it will make them more effective in life. Hidden within honor are the secret ingredients that make people more successful in relationships. Teaching honor is worth the work, because honor changes people.

This idea comes from the children's curriculum called The Kids Honor Club by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller. It contains Bible stories, activities, crafts, and games to raise the awareness level of honor in your family. Just watch what happens to your kids as they learn to develop honor in their lives in fun ways. This material is great for a church children's program, a neighborhood or homeschool coop group or for an individual family. The Kids Honor Club is great for kids ages 3-12. See a sample lesson here.

Learn more about honor the book, Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes, In You and Your Kids by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN or by enrolling in BPU 103.

What are some ways you teach your children about honor?

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  1. Some things we teach our kids to do to honor others: We teach them early on to look adults in the eye as they carry on a conversation. We did role playing with them when they were young, to give them practice. We have taught them to touch our arm rather than say "excuse me" when they need to interrupt us. When one child is doing something that isn't necessarily wrong, but another child is annoyed and asks them to stop, we have taught them to "honor your brother's request". We have spent countless hours teaching our 17yo daughter, who is quite accomplished and talented, how to honor men. When she gets to a door, she stands and waits for her male friends to open it for her. She has learned to dress modestly to honor her Christian brothers. She is physically strong and can take on most any task, but will allow a young man to carry things for her or do things for her when they offer. Those are just a few of the things we have done to teach our children honor.