Father's Day Honor

The Bible tells children to honor their father and mother, but many kids need help understanding what honor is and practical ways to show it. Father's Day is an excellent time for mothers to teach their children how to honor Dad. Sure, you'll work with the kids to do something thoughtful such as create a card, give him a foot massage, or make him his favorite meal, but also use it as a teaching time that will last longer than one day.

Honor means treating people as special, doing more than what's expected, and having a good attitude. How can we treat Dad as special every day? One way is to develop a habit of greeting him, expressing gratefulness for what he does, and asking to spend time with him.

We look at it this way. The family is like a bucket with holes in it. Water represents the energy in family life and that energy is continually draining out because of the work of family life. We do a lot of work with meals, laundry, shopping, driving, and cleaning. In order for the family to work most effectively and not lose all of its energy, every person in the family needs to be adding energy. Sometimes children drain energy out of family life with bad attitudes making the job of working together more difficult.

God has instructed that honor be learned and demonstrated at home, but developing it at home is only the beginning of its benefit. Those who learn honor will be able to use it for the rest of their lives.


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