What Is a Heart Moment?

A heart moment is a special connection that takes place inside of your child's heart, or in your own heart, or both, that confirms a step of progress. Sometimes the heart moment just reminds you of the significance of your parenting role. Other times the heart moment helps you feel close to your child in a unique and powerful way. For some, a heart moment is when the light bulb comes on in your child that says, "I finally get it, Dad."

Sometimes heart moments just happen, but many times they are the result of intentional effort on the part of hard-working parents. You do the daily work of parenting because you know it's the right thing to do. Along the way you're trying to teach values and life lessons, but most of the time you're just trying to get the things done that have to be done today.

Some parents have longed for heart change for months or years and seem to have given up on any significant developments. Then a heart moment comes along to provide encouragement that yes, there is hope that this child may actually grow to maturity someday.

Tears are often associated with heart moments, further revealing the extent of their importance to parents. Usually they bring tears of deep joy, but sometimes it’s amazement, admiration, gratefulness, pride, or just the intense satisfaction of feeling close. When a heart moment overwhelms you with emotion, it’s important to express what you're feeling to your child. It's in those times when children can often catch the significance of their choices, that they've made an important decision or action that has deeply touched Mom or Dad.

Be on the lookout for heart moments. They are the reward of parenting and often result in teachable opportunities with your child.

Have you had a heart moment with your child recently? Tell us about it. To learn more about making them happen click here.

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