Encouraging Moments

Kids have a way of speaking words of encouragement that create heart moments in a parent that are more significant than those children ever imagined. And God knows that we need that kind of support. Parenting is hard work, and hope is a cherished commodity that keeps parents moving forward when they feel like things are falling apart either in themselves or in their kids.

Children also have the ability to turn the things parents teach them into lessons for others, including you. On the one hand, it’s quite encouraging to see that your child is getting it, but on the other hand, it can be difficult to receive a rebuke from your child. Children have an uncanny way of sensing truth and proclaiming it. Maybe that's why God likens our own spiritual growth to be like a child growing up.

Even though parents are always learning and growing, understanding God's grace in its various forms is a challenge for even the most mature person. God uses hardship and trials to develop the character in a person's life. Romans 5:3-4 says, "Suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope." The struggles parents face within themselves and with their children are part of God's refining process.

God has many ways of sending parents messages of hope. They sometimes come through a scripture passage or a pastor's message. A husband or wife can be a great source of encouragement in family life, but there's something about God's use of a child that has the ability to go straight to your heart. It's those moments that parents can look back on and cherish during the difficult times. To learn more about the inspiring book Family Heart Moments, click here.

How has God used your child to bring encouragement into your life?

Milan Tomic

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  1. I was having a heart to heart with my nine year old. He was telling me that sometimes when he prays that he gets answers in his head when he asks a question or when he is just talking to God. He said that he doesn't know if it is him just thinking it or if it is actually God talking to him. I told him I have dealt with the same thing when I was praying. I told him it must be God and he agreed. Then he told me that believing in God and doing right is like walking on a bridge. You might fall off, but you get right back on. You might trip and need to pull yourself up and keep on going. I was looking at my son and couldn't believe I was having this deep conversation about God. I was listening to him more than he was listening to me. It was truly amazing! But what was even more amazing was when I realized it was God using my son to give me hope. I told him to go get ready for bed. I looked at my phone and I had an e-mail. I checked it out and it was the e-mail about encouraging moments. I started crying with realizing that God used my son. I told him to come back downstairs and I read it to him. He was so cute. He even started singing a Jesus song to me about being a VIP with Christ. I can't thank God enough for that wonderful experience with my son.