Teach Children How to Listen

A very important skill that children will need as adults is the ability to listen. Listening isn't easy. Most people would rather talk. Children interrupt, yell, and talk over each other, often resulting in misunderstanding. Teaching children how to listen can be a way to help them become less selfish.

One mom told how she taught her children to listen. "I use this technique whenever my boys are in conflict over a toy. I sit them down with the toy on the table and say, 'You can play with the toy as soon as you both agree on a plan.' I encourage them each to share an idea and listen to the other's idea.

I teach them about compromise, working together, and sharing, but I let them work it out. Sometimes they'll both be stubborn and I'll have them stay there until they can agree on a plan. I coach them along when they need it. They must always report back to me before continuing to play, providing an opportunity for me to affirm unselfishness and cooperation."

It can be fun to teach a five-year-old how to persuade a two-year-old, or help two eight-year-olds negotiate a solution. Conflict is turned into cooperation through listening.

I (Scott) like to joke with children, "Do you know why God made lips for your mouth but not for your ears?" or, "Why do you think God gave you one mouth and two ears? It's because God wants you to quiet your mouth sometimes, so you can listen."

James 1:19 gives children very practical advice. "Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry." As a parent, you have many opportunities to teach this valuable skill.

What are some ways you've been able to teach your children to listen to each other?

Milan Tomic

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  1. Children in single parent homes many times will have a much harder time understanding
    the importance of listening. Why is that? Because listening has not been modeled
    very well for them. If you are a single parent perhaps your kids are like that.

    Stop and think a minute. Did you and your ex model appropriate listening manners?
    Or did one of you yell, cut the other one off in mid sentence? Or when one of you
    walked out of the room did the other one make snide comments about them - out
    of ear shot? Kids notice even when you think they are not listening or paying
    attention. So for single parents, you may have a tougher job of teaching your
    children to listen.

    Start out modeling good listening skills for your children by listening to them. Ask
    them questions about school or church activities to see how much they listened.
    Encourage them to ask you questions after a conversation or a movie so they
    can see how much you listen.

    Remember modeling is the best tool you have so use it well even if that means
    you listen politely to the other parent.

  2. Your statement "I encourage them each to share an idea and listen to the other's idea.I teach them about compromise, working together, and sharing, but I let them work it out" is a very nice idea in making students become good listeners . Thanks very much of your very great idea.