An Indirect Approach to Sibling Conflict

One great way to challenge the sibling conflict problems in a household is to play games with your children. Games are miniature scenarios about real life. Whether you're playing a board game, a card game, or some kind of communication or role playing game, children have to use relational skills.

Playing games can teach children how to win, how to lose, how to show mercy, and how to talk humbly. As you play games with your children, model honor. Have fun and enjoy the game but avoid put downs, bragging, boasting, hurtful revenge, and meanness. That seems to be hard even for some parents these days.

Teach children how to win without being hurtful, how to lose without complaining, how to make a good move with humility, and show honor whether you're winning or losing. Kids need to see these things modeled in games so they can learn how to handle similar situations in life.

Choose your comments wisely as you correct or confront others who may not handle themselves well. You may let some things go, but your comments are important and children learn from the things you say.

You may see selfishness and bad attitudes demonstrate themselves. Look for loving ways to correct while still enjoying the game. Play games regularly and continue to look for ways to communicate honor and challenge dishonoring behavior and words. You'll be surprised at how much you can teach without your children even realizing they're in a classroom.

What are some ways you've been able to teach through games?

Milan Tomic

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  1. I often forget how much games can teach until we start playing. There is so much character building as stated so well in this post. But just this afternoon my son wanted to be scorekeeper. It ended up being the best math lesson he had all week! And then of course the family time. I just love how everyone comes together and we're all focused on the same thing, laughing and strategizing and encouraging. Great family bonding happens during game time!

  2. As a single mom I had a hard time just trying to find time to play games. Seems like with the work schedule and trying to get extra hours in just to
    be able to provide kept me exhausted. I found playing silly games in the car on the
    way to places was what worked for me.

    Kids love games and they love the connection with the parent. Not only can you as
    a single parent play games with your kids you can encourage the kids to take games
    to the other parent's house. You can also set aside some time on the weekends
    when the kids are with you to play a board game or even a game of some sorts
    outside. Many people don't think of shooting hoops as a game but it sure can be.