Christmas: A Time to Teach Generosity

Christmas is a highlight in the life of most children, but much of the benefit is focused on what they get. Of course one of the blessings of Christmas is giving, so look for ways to teach children generosity this year. Here are some ideas:

Involves kids in your gift giving strategy or help them develop their own. Planning, shopping, and wrapping can each provide ways for children to think about blessing others.

Anticipate with your children the delight others will experience when the gifts are opened. Help your child enjoy the fun others will have when receiving gifts.

Ask children the question, "What are you doing this year to make Christmas special for others?" This question alone can help teens think of others instead of just themselves. A short discussion can help move kids from selfish tendencies to generosity.

And most importantly, remind children of the generosity of God by sending us a special gift in his Son.

How have you been able to help teach your kids generosity?

Milan Tomic

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  1. When the Christmas season starts approaching, my daughter has a practice she developed at a tiny age and has continued every year (she is now 9...she looks for something around the house that would be special to another member of the family, somthing they would like to have...and she wraps it & puts it under her bed or under the tree. She started this practice on her own and does it all in secret so that when Christmas Day is here, we are all surprised! It may be a book on the shelf or an item of decor and it may even belong to the person already but if she thinks they will love it, she wraps it up for them! Last year, she also progressed to making things for us in secret; a scuplture or painting! We just love the gesture!

  2. Children in single parent homes can get pretty overwhelmed this time of year. Some kids will pit one parent against the other parent in order to get more presents.

    Take time to keep things consistent and orderly for the sake of your kids. Above all try not to get involved in out doing the other parent when it comes to gifting. Teach your children respect Christmas and all that it means.

    Even if you don't want to do it, help your children find an appropriate gift for the other parent. Encourage the discussion about making Christmas special for others.