Missed Opportunities

Every day parents have opportunities to touch the hearts of their children. Sometimes it's through a story or a hug, or an apology, but often it's through the daily correction that children need.

Addressing the heart is important. Unfortunately some parents respond to their children in ways that miss the heart. One of the mistakes parents make is that they make excuses for their children. We've all heard them.

He'll grow out of it.
She's so cute.
At least she's doing what I asked.
He's tired.
He's just going through a stage.
At least she's better than other kids her age.
That's the way kids are.
She's a teenager.
He's a two-year-old.
He's a boy.
She could be a lot worse.

Each of these is an excuse for not disciplining and often represents a missed opportunity to teach or direct a child on a deeper level. Remember, we aren't just trying to help children change on the outside to develop appropriate behavior. We're trying to help them change their hearts.

Since these statements might have truths behind them, we may choose to discipline a little differently, postpone a consequence, or redirect children. There's nothing wrong with that, but we must be careful not to ignore heart issues in the process.

Look for ways to challenge your children on a heart level this week. You'll be surprised at how many opportunities are out there.

How have you been able to touch the heart in your child during correction?

Milan Tomic

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  1. Unfortunately many single parents can add a few more excuses.

    Since the divorce, she has been like this.
    He's just like his dad so what can I do?
    Poor thing, having to deal with two home is just so hard on him.
    If she didn't have to go visit her mom, she'd be just fine.

    And the list goes on. Like Joanne said, these statements
    may have truth behind them, but for many single parents
    they are about feeling sorry for your child and for some they
    are excuses used to smooth over the guilt the parent feels.

    Yes, divorce is hard on everyone. Yes, divorce is confusing. And
    yes, it's hard for a child to remember the different rules in
    different homes. But you are missing an important opportunity
    to shape your child's heart. You are also missing out on a chance
    to develop deep heart connections between you and your child.

    When you are a single parent you have the ability to parent your
    child the way you see fit with no interruptions. Your child will
    learn what you accept and what you won't accept in your home.
    They learn very quickly that you mean business in your home.

    Holding your child accountable through corrections when they
    are with you will go a long way in helping them develop their