Teaching Children to Look for Ways to Help

One of the parts of our honor definition is that we do more than what's expected. That means seeing what needs to be done and doing it. It means solving problems instead leaving them for others. One family had a sign in their kitchen that read:

If it’s broken, fix it.
If it’s empty, fill it up.
If it’s open, shut it.
If it’s out, put it away.
If it’s messy, clean it up.
If you can’t, then report it.
That’s honor.

Take time to teach children that they don't have to be asked in order to do a job. Honor means that we’re all contributing to family life. In fact, you may ask a child to go around the house and look for one job that needs to be done and do it, then report back to you.

These kinds of discussions and exercises will help children think outside of their little box and discover that they have a responsibility to the family. They can contribute to family life by just seeing something that needs to be done and doing it.

Of course, that's what makes a valuable employee too so you can teach your children something more important than just how to get along better in your family. You may be preparing them to be outstanding employees as they get older.

What are some ways that you've found helpful to teach your kids to help in the family?

Milan Tomic

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  1. Between the 2, 4, and 6 year old, we've given them each a task that they are the 'expert' at - we rely on them for that. After dinner, the 6y.o. vaccuums the floor under/around the table and the 4y.o. works w/ mom to soap-up & clean the table. Trying to get the 2y.o. one to push the chairs in after brothers are done w/ their helping. We are learning it is an opportunity to teach about doing a good job, focusing, taking ownership of their work, being a citizen of the family by each person doing their part (not just mom & dad), being dependable, responsibility.

    We used to take care of these things or leave them undone if time did not permit, and they saw the mess that that could cause. Now, they see their well done job and realize that it contributes to family life in important ways like being able to use the table for useful (homework, work) or fun (puzzles, card games) ways and that there is a sense of clean. They still need to be asked to do it, but we hope, with our consistent reminders (and any other ideas that you may have that would be helpful), that it will become part of what they understand is important and that they will do on their own eventually.

    Your suggestion is great - to ask them to find something (more) to do and report back on it. We will try that this week!