Hero Training Camp at Home

Hero Training Camp is the Conscience Development Program for Kids.

We're eager to hear your reports about your Hero Training Camp at Home. Please tell us about your experience.

What excites your kids about this program?
How have you seen enhanced conscience awareness?
What are your kids saying or doing differently now because of what you're teaching?

You can enroll in Hero Training Camp at Home here.

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  1. Hi!

    Just wanted to share a couple things with you. First, I'm not sure if we will get to the hero training camp today because my children are too busy being heroes - mowing the lawn, spraying weeds in the lawn, washing windows, cleaning the laundry tub, cleaning up messes around the house, offering to help one another... Second, the first or second day of the Hero Training Camp my 7 year old daughter wrote a song. She never finished the middle section of it but thought I would share the words with you anyway:
    I'm at the beginning of becoming a hero.
    God has helped me to do all the little things
    instead of wanting to do the big things.
    I'm almost a hero.

    Yahoo! I'm finally a hero!
    Feels so good to be a hero!
    I can do more good things too!
    I'm on the road to do the big things in life
    'cause I'm a hero in the making!

    Thank you so much for all you do! My husband and I have needed some good tools for Biblical parenting for so long. We often have troubles knowing where to start because we feel like there are so many things that need to be addressed (in ourselves and in our children), but as we slowly work through your materials (and pray and submit to the Lord) and begin to apply things a little at a time I can see a difference in our family. Thank you!


  2. Hello Joanne!
    My kids are really enjoying our Hero Training Camp. It is so easy to use and very fun.
    Do you have plans to turn the Honor Club into a camp that can be done in 8 weeks in the same manner? We would love to use that one next summer?


  3. Hi Angela,

    Thank you for sharing the fun you're having. We would like to turn the Honor Club into a program to use just like Hero Training Camp. It's all about time though. We'll see. Keep watching and we'll keep you posted. --Scott