The Real Value of Learning To Obey

Children need to learn to obey, but not just to make their parents' lives easier. We don't teach kids to obey merely for our own convenience. We teach obedience because hidden within that character quality are a number of principles that will help children to be successful as they get older.

When children learn obedience, they learn to think about others. They learn to be a little less selfish. They learn to consider what other people want and how to please them. They learn to submit to authority.

Obedience involves learning to do what you're asked even when you think you have a better way. The person who has learned obedience knows how to listen to an instruction, how to follow through without being watched, and how to check back when the job is done.

The children who learn obedience when they're young will make better employees when they get older. Furthermore, they will be happier and enjoy life more.

We're not talking about blind obedience here. We want our children to learn to evaluate instructions; but evaluating instructions is an advanced skill. First children must learn cooperation; otherwise they end up believing that every time they don't like a request, they are justified to resist it. These children remain selfish and grow up to be whiners and complainers, not able to receive an instruction without an argument.

God knew what he was doing when he gave the instruction to children to "obey your parents." He knew that learning obedience when they're young would pay off greatly as they get older.

What are some ways that you see your children benefiting from learning to obey?

Milan Tomic

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  1. I think learning to obey, when requests are given quietly and within reason and when grace covers a multitude of sins, gives children a sense of accomplishment. They can do things they really don't want to do, out of respect for someone who has earned their respect and is worthy of obeying. We parents learn more about God when grace and truth are interwoven in our relationship with our children. Last week, my autistic 21yo daughter gave me a living example of the parable of the two sons and I finally understand one point Jesus was trying to make!

  2. I agree with your post, but also want to add that we teach our children to obey because ultimately they are liable to God for their obedience to Him. Obedience is a good habit to be in. It makes our path smoother in this world, and is ultimately one of the things God cares about in His relationship with us.

    For me, it is the fact that God requires me to require it that makes it worth working with my children on obedience. I don't get to let this one slide. :) And smoother and easier days are a nice bonus!

    Also, I work on not asking them to do things out of laziness or selfishness on my part. The point isn't to exasperate them either! I am responsible to Him for the things for which I require obedience from my children.

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