Take Time to Soak By Linda Ranson Jacobs

"You are my hiding place….." Psalm 32:7

What do you think about where you hear the word 'soak'? As a single parent you might think of soaking the kid’s play clothes that have so many stains on they will never see clean again. Or your mind might go to that pile of dishes in the sink that have been there for several days. Or if you are a single dad you might think about the oil stains on that new shirt.

For single moms probably the last thing that comes to your mind is soaking in a nice hot tub with bubbles surrounding you. That is a rarity for most single moms. For single dads it might be just standing in the shower soaking up the warmth of the water.

When my kids were younger every once in a while when I thought they were busy with homework, I would try to sneak in a bubble bath just for me. Never happened. They figured out real fast that when I was in the tub I was a captive audience. If I remembered to lock the door, they would lie down on the floor and talk through the crack in the door. On days when I would forget to lock the door, I had to be ready to pull the shower curtain across the tub because if they wanted to talk, they talked. Now that I look back, I’m glad my children felt they could turn to me, their mom, with their problems or just to talk to me about their day and their friends.

I don't want you to think about any of these things. I want you to take a few minutes to think about soaking in the Lord. Have you ever thought about just "soaking" in his Word? Let that sink in for a minute. Take a scripture, could be just a verse or two, find a minute of alone time, grab a cup of coffee or tea and just "soak."

This next week try taking Psalm 32:7 "You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.

Let the words…
* steep in your mind
* infuse into your heart
* drench your soul
* immerse your entire being

All of these words mean the same as "soak." He wants you to be like little kids who want so much to talk to their parent that they'll lie of the floor and talk through the slit between the door and floor. Or they will barge into the your quiet relaxing time, not caring if they are disturbing anything. They need for the one they love to give them attention and time. God wants the same for you. He is our Heavenly Father who wants us to just "soak" in him.

What are some ways that you like to "soak in" Jesus?

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  2. I loved this article! This is so true. I am a single mother and taking time for yourself is a hard thing to do but is so important. Taking time to soak in the Lord is a must! I love to go to this site: http://www.soaking.net/ and let the music play while I just lay on my back and pray and listen - just soak up whatever God wants to share - just to be in his presence is so good. The example you shared about kids wanting to be with us so badly - even when we are busy... made me think how much God must love us to seek him - I know how much it makes me feel great when my 16 yr old still shows me that he just wants time with me... that is the best feeling!!! Thank you again for your ministry :)

  3. I have found using the ancient practice of Examen to be helpful! Sitting in quite. Centered on God. Reviewing the day. Paying attention to joys and difficulties. Giving thanks for God's loving presence in it all. Letting go of the day.

  4. I find great joy and comfort in my mornings with my Father. I will often rise hours earlier than the rest of the house (ie: my kids) and sit with a cup of coffee, mu bible, and an open heart/mind and just "soak" up the love from God. I really appreciate the love, grace, and mercy that God provides, as well as the gratitude I feel for all of the blessings he has given me. It is hard to be a single parent, especially in this economy, and I take comfort that God is going to pull me through this storm as long as I continue to turn to Him.

  5. Thank all of you for posting your comments and sharing. Sounds like every one of you are listening to the Lord and seeking His face as you raise your children. Help me spread the word about ministering to single parents through NCBP.

    Linda Jacobs