Honoring Someone Who Doesn't Seem to Deserve It

Learning how to honor each other in the family is so important because it raises the value of relationships over the issues that might otherwise cause division. When challenged with the concept that honor means to value others, one teen responded honestly, “How can you honor someone you don't really value?” This can be a very real problem and not just for teens. Parents also must honor their children even when their worth or value is not easily apparent.

A teen might dishonor his mom because he doesn’t appreciate her and even considers her opinions foolish. He may overreact, pull away, or make sarcastic remarks. Mom, in turn, may react with anger when treated poorly and over time lose any sense of value she once had for her son. The loss of worth on the part of both parent and teen leads to an erosion in the relationship.

It’s especially harmful when parents give up or become hostile in response to teen rejection. We believe this to be a serious parenting mistake that may contribute to young people searching for different friends and authorities who will listen and accept them.

The solution is to learn to honor by faith. This means that we trust that all people have value in God's sight and that our job is to treat them in better ways than they seem to deserve. This isn't easy and, as parents, it sometimes becomes a real walk of faith. Children can be downright irritating but working with them without degrading them is part of the job.

How have you seen honor transform your family relationships? Tell us about it.

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